Rosie Hardy Photography

25 Feb

We found Rosie on Flickr over a year ago and are so happy to finally be featuring her inspiring and dreamlike work. Rosie calls Derbyshire, UK home and is available for travel if the project requires it. One thing that stands out about Rosie other than her amazing composite self-portraits and beautiful client work, is her willingness to help other photographers by offering insight and advice on her blog and Formspring. She gives without expecting anything in return which has a created a great dialogue for her on flickr and her blog. A lot of people seem to love her and you should too.

Below is a sampling of some of our favorite work from her personal and client portfolios.

Contact Rosie today for your next lifestyle, fashion, or editorial shoot. She also shoots amazing weddings.

Visit Rosie’s Sites:
Rosie’s Personal Portfolio
Rosie’s Client Portfolio
Rosie’s Blog
Rosie on Flickr
Rosie on Twitter
Rosie on Formspring

Feature nudging from @johncarl and @joeyldotcom

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  1. topers photo April 24, 2013 at 7:52 am #

    stunningly beautiful!

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