Analog or Digital, Amateurs or Pros, we want to keep cool resources and inspirations at your fingertips to help you create and keep you inspired.

For Vintage Camera Lovers

George Eastman House – International Museum of Photography and Film

Camera Wiki - Free Camera Encyclopedia

Brownie-Camera – Dedicated to Brownie Lovers Everywhere

ILott Vintage – Refurbishers/Customizers of Rangefinder Cameras

CameraQuest - Classic Camera Profiles

Camera Porn - Camera Gear Group on Flickr (camera images of all kinds)

Capturing Motion on WetPlate – photographer Ian Ruhter get’s it done

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Camera Companies and Stores



Holga Camera – Holga cameras & accessories


Adorama – More than a Camera Store

Lomography – Analog Film Cameras

KEH Camera - New & Used Cameras

Land Cameras - Repaired and Upgraded Polaroid Cameras


Hawksmill – Premium Handmade Leather Camera Straps and Stylish Camera Bags – Inpiration boost items for everyday carry
Aside Store on Etsy -
The Photo Jojo Store
- Cool Camera Accessories
Tap & Dye – Film Lovers and makers of Premium Leather Camera Accessories
Four Corners Store – All Things Toy Camera
Freestyle Photographic Supplies
Lens Babies - Selective Focus SLR Lenses
Capturing Couture – Camera Straps and Accessories
ShootSac - Bags
Cinevate – DSLR Rigs, Camera Sliders and more
Adorama – Lenses, accessories and more

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General Camera Resources

Camera Wiki - Free Camera Encyclopedia

Camera Sizes – Compare today’s Cameras

Camera Porn - Camera Gear Group on Flickr (camera images of all kinds)

Best Buy Lens Buying Guide – Helpful insights to choose the right lens and accessories for your camera

Consumer Affairs/Cameras - Insights and reviews on top rated camera brands and general photography basics.

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For Film Lovers

 LomoLab – The LomoLab offers development, scanning and printing of all 35mm, 110 and 120 films

Buy 120 Film – A blog about 120 film and medium format photography

Believe In Film - A Community Devoted to Film Photography

Michael Raso’s Film Photography Project - Dedicated to the Love of Film as a Medium

Film Wasters - Promoting the Creative Side of Film Photography

Film Photography Project

… more coming soon!

For Polaroid Lovers

The Impossible Project

The Branding of Polaroid 57-77 the blog of Paul Giambarba

Instant Love , Pack Film and Instant Films Comparison by Azuree Wiitala

Land Cameras - Repaired and Upgraded Polaroid Cameras

Snap It See it - A blog by 3 guys who really, really love instant film

Vintage Instant - Polaroid Camera Shop – Amsterdam – Possibly the Largest Polaroid Community Site

Polaroid Pack Film: Field Experience by Moominsean

… more coming soon!

Photography News

PDN: Photo District News

Digital Photography Review

PhotoHub – News, Reviews, Tutorials

Nikon Rumors

Leica Rumors


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Photography Blogs

VSCO Journal – Features, tutorials and more

LENS by New York Times

A Photo Editor – Photography Director Rob Haggart

British Journal of Photography

Zulu & Zephyr - Cool Surf Photography

Photo Focus – Scott Bourne’s Online magazine about photography

Feature Shoot – Fashion, Travel, Portraits and more

FStoppers - Video Blog for Creative Professionals

Love for Leica - Holga News etc – For Medium Format Lovers

The Impossible Cool – Portraits of Bad-asses and tastemakers

… more coming soon!

Photography Tutorials and Tips

Online Courses Review: Accredited Online Photography degrees, Self Guided online Photography and Open Online College courses

LifeFinder DVD by Jeremy Cowart

Photographer Shoot Off by Lara Jade and Joey L.

Expert Photography – A massive tutorial Archive

DSLR Lighting Techniques from Eve Hazelton


… more coming soon!

Photography Apps for iDevices

A Color Story – Awesome app from the girls behind A beautiful Mess

VSCO Cam – Simple and cool camera app from the VSCO Film Emulators

PicSnapGo – by the makers of Radlab

SnapSeed - Photo editing

Instagram - Cool Photos from your iPhone

LensLight – Lensflare, bokeh and more


Hipstamatic Disposable

Camera Awesome by SmugMug (review by photofocus)

Dot  by Kogeto – 360˚ Video Lens and App

Photo Editing Apps and Actions

Totally Rad - Makers of RadLab

Visual Supply Co – VSCO Film Emulators

Digital Film Actions – Lightroom & Bridge Actions

Formula One Actions – Photoshop Actions

… more coming soon!

Website and Portfolio Solutions for Photographers

SquareSpace – Awesomeness for photographers, designers and other people too

Site House by Promise Tangeman Creative

PhotoShelter – Websites and Tools for photographers - Online Portfolio Websites for photographers

Shuttermade – Take sets from Flickr and turn it into Portfolio site - Huge creative community

ProSite – From the makers of Behance.

Flosites – Not a do-it-yourself solution, but tailor-made sites for photographers, bloggers and more


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