Reid Morth Photography

28 Dec

While many throughout the country are loathing the heavy snowfall, people like Reid live for it, putting his body and equipment on the line in the toughest conditions in the world. Since 2006, Reid has called Bozeman, Montana home to be close to friends and the summer climbing and kayaking of nearby Wyoming. His strong sense of adventure helps him get to places like the mountains of Alaska, but his attention to detail, preparedness, and regard for others helps him get out alive. He claims gear management is a huge part of his success, regularly packing items like avalanche beacons, shovels, gloves, extra goggles, under layers, helmets, radios, boots, trekking poles, ropes, water and his camera kit of formatted cards and freshly charged batteries.

Reid’s love for the outdoors and wild-untamed land comes across in the work we’ve highlighted below. His extensive adventure-sports portfolio features many of the other sports he has covered like climbing, insane kayaking adventures and bmx and skateboarding. Contact him for your next action-sports adventure!

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