Polaroid Grey Label Revealed

7 Jan

Last night at CES, all the Lady Gaga vs. Polaroid Grey Label mystery was revealed in front of hundreds and thousands more like us online via Ustream. The new products were the Grey Label or GL series featuring the GL10 (a larger pogo-type printer), the GL20 Camera Sunglasses, and the GL30 Camera/Printer.

The GL30 is basically a digital camera and printer all-in-one. You can print 3×4″ prints using the ZINK technology they use in the GL10 and pogo printers. You can choose what pictures you want to print on the fly and even stand the camera up and make it a digital picture frame by flipping around it’s large LCD display. Of the three Products unveiled this one feels like the most like the old polaroid we love with styling and ruggedness like a lot of our old land models. (Look for it in late 2011, price unknown.)

The GL20 is Gaga’s fashion meets photography attempt which isn’t very practical for anyone we know. The photos and video data you capture could be sent to your computer via the USB earpiece. The cool features they were excited about were the ability to show your pictures on the front of the glasses (via the built-in LCD screens) as you take them. (Available later this year, price unknown.)

The GL10 (available May 2011, $149 msrp) is small portable hard-drive-sized printer that you can use to print 3″x4″ prints via bluetooth from any mobile phone. You can also attach it to most any digital camera or computer via USB. The older pogo models had the bluetooth capability, but the new GL10 and the apps associated with it allow you to customize your photos on the fly creating the “polaroid” borders and other frames. This was the product Gaga was most excited about in the presentation saying she’d definitely be taking it with her to bars.

All-in-all we weren’t too impressed with Polaroid’s unveiling. It was a lot of hype for products that didn’t really blow us away. Out of the three, the GL30 is going to be the one to get as it would definitely be fun at parties.

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