Polaroid is Back

22 Sep


Eighty years after Polaroid began and forty years after the release the original Polaroid OneStep, The Impossible Project’s mission to keep Polaroid film alive is finally accomplished with the reveal of Polaroid’s new subbrand Polaroid Originals, and a new OneStep 2 camera.

Did you get that? Polaroid is BACK thanks to the crazy passion of The Impossible Project team and their dedication to keeping Polaroid’s films alive for the past nine years. With blood, sweat, and some tears they pushed instant film forward and many of those team members now call Polaroid home.

What about this new camera?

While the look is reminiscent of the original OneStep, the new version has some modern upgrades like a higher quality lens, a rechargeable battery via USB, a more powerful flash and a self-timer function. OneStep is pre-ordering now in 2 colors for a cool $99.99, with delivery as early as October 16th.


What about the film?

With The Impossible Project being absorbed, we’ll all be buying film from Polaroid once again and at a better price. The new OneStep 2 is compatible with all the 600 series films we’ve grown to love like color and black/white, but also the newly developed i-Type (batteryless) film that runs only $15.99 per pack compared to the 600 film at $18.99.



What about the vintage cameras?

One of the coolest things about The Impossible Project was their vintage camera refurbishment program of the 600, Spectre and SX-70 camera models and that’s still here under the Polaroid name again and they have a wide range of old cameras available from $119.00-$609.99 and the films will be available for all them again very soon.


So in review, analog instant photography FROM POLAROID is back!!! and calls Polaroid Originals home. We’ve got some shopping to do.

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