Paige Nelson Photography

22 Jan

Paige Nelson Photography

San Diego’s Paige Nelson is a young wanderlusting and light-loving photographer who finds herself inspired by the unique landscapes of her sun-drenched hometown. She began shooting back in 2009 thinking she wanted to be a photojournalist and now blurs the line between reality and the landscapes of our dreams to capture models and a lot of time just herself dangling at cliff’s edge. She’s hardly ever without a camera and you can tell, splitting time with her fine art work and commissions and weddings.

Enjoy a sampling of Paige’s curious and fearless images and be sure to visit her sites below to see more.

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Paige’s Portfolio
Paige on Twitter
Paige on Flickr
Paige on Facebook

Contact Paige for your next fashion editorial, cookbook or commission, we have a feeling she’s not afraid to travel.

All images ©2015 Paige Nelson Photography

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