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23 Oct

Nikki Devereux grew up as an artist, sketching and painting from an early age, but the passion for photography came after college when a friend let her borrow an old Nikon film camera. Once the prints came back, she was hooked, and hasn’t put down the camera since. Today she still uses her Mamiya 645 Super as well as her go-to-camera the Canon 7D for shoots of all kinds. Her main love though, is the fashion shoots where collaboration is key.

“One of the things I love most about fashion photography is the bond of the team. I love to collaborate with my team to create the images. It’s never just about my vision… each person plays a role in the creation of the final set, and I love what happens when everyone contributes their own vision and everything just falls into place. The model, the hair/makeup artist, the stylist – they are all artists and they each bring their individuality to the shoot. It’s such a wonderful feeling to step back and see the team having fun making art and getting excited about the final product. I live for that feeling.” -Nikki Devereux

While Nikki has a variety of images in the sections on her site, not surprisingly we respond most to that work she’s most passionate about, to her fashion work. Enjoy a selection of her work below and be sure to contact her for your next fashion or editorial project. She’s available on either coast as she travels regularly from Florida to New York and the West Coast for shoots.


Nikki’s Portfolio
Nikki on Vimeo
Nikki’s Blog
Nikki on Flickr

All images © 2012 Nikki Devereux

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