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7 Feb

What started as a hobby after he was gifted a camera on his 21st birthday, has become a full-blown luv affair with photography. After earning a degree in Business Economics from the University of Illinois, Marcus decided to pursue study at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. While at Hallmark, Marcus met renown advertising photographer Gary Land and began work as his full-time assistant and still continues to receive mentorship from Land while shooting various projects. Marcus shoots in a variety of styles and loves the fact that he could be shooting in a gym documenting a boxer one day utilizing available light, and the next day be shooting a music artist in the studio with expensive equipment. He’s a sports lover, born and raised in Chicago with a love for Michael Jordan, the Bulls and music. Marcus has a weakness for cool gym shoes and can talk for hours with his midwest/southern accent if you land on the right topics.

Enjoy our sampling of Marcus’ work below and be sure to check out his website Marcus Smith Photo and find out more about him.

Contact Marcus today for your next lifestyle, music or fashion shoot.

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