Lisa Elmaleh Photography

31 May

In a time when everything is shot digitally and immediately uploaded to plethora of photo sharing sites, Lisa Elmalah takes it slow, utilizing an old 8″x10″ camera (she’s named Fitzgerald Fitzwilliam Fitzgeorge) and a nineteenth century process called wet collodion. By converting the truck of her 1996 Toyota Tercel, she was able to make a mobile darkroom capable of developing her large glass negatives on site. Her work simultaneously freezes and blurs time whilst allowing for beautiful unplanned and unpredicaable imperfections that no digital method can match.

Lisa was Miami-born-and-raised which inspired one of her biggest projects, documenting The Everglades. With the inspiration of early photographers of the American West and using similar equipment some 150-years later, she’s been able to capture and preserve the essence of a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that is rapidly losing ground to urban and agricultural use. When she’s not traveling all over the country losing herself on empty roads in search of interesting environments or musicians to shoot, she calls Brooklyn, NY home.

Visit Lisa’s Sites:
Lisa’s Portfolio
Lisa’s Blog
Lisa on Vimeo

Found with the help of the lovely @xo_azuree

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