LifeFinder DVD by Jeremy Cowart

22 Aug

LifeFinder, the instructional DVD released last year by world-reknown entertainment photographer Jeremy Cowart is the perfect blend of vision, insight, inspiration and instruction.

The Lifefinder package is actually broken down into 2 DVDs. Disk 1 features things like Jeremy’s Vision Toolkit, insight into his RAW workflow, an in-depth interview of Jeremy by photographer Zack Arias, information about locations and libraries, and projects with a purpose (like the amazing Help-Portrait project). Disk 2 is where Jeremy gives you a narrated behind the scenes look at shoots of all kinds, featuring musicians like The Civil Wars and Imogen Heap and other models, performers and actresses both on location and in the studio.

With over 4 hours of awesome content, Lifefinder at $249, is a great investment into your photography business. It’s rare to get this kind of insight from a guy with Jeremy’s talent level, but what’s really cool is how humble and willing to teach he is. It makes you want to get out and shoot more, which is really how the learning is done.

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