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30 May

Lauren M. Brown is a 30-year-old fashion and life-loving photographer from Los Angeles. She’s also the founder of the photo-filled online fashion publication, where she shoots many of the fashion editorials and art directs the videos. She loves music and natural light and isn’t afraid of exploring L.A. to find interesting places to shoot with her friends and models.

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite images from Lauren’s portfolio and be sure to stay for an interview with Lauren herself.

Our interview with the talented Lauren M. Brown:

Where are you from and when did you start shooting?

Lauren M. Brown: I was born in Washington, DC and at the age of 18 I moved to NYC for school. I took a basic photography class and really enjoyed it. I started to really love people as subjects, thats what I ended up focusing on for most of my first year. I stayed in NYC  for 8 years then moved to LA. I’ve been living in LA for about 4.5 years now.

How does L.A. inspire you?

LMB: One of the many things about Los Angeles that I love is its diversity. Being from the East Coast I’m used to being around several different cultures in one space. I love how the beach and the East Side of LA are almost like different worlds. It’s great for location scouting.

Do you shoot mostly digital or film?

LMB: I shoot a mix of both but until recently I’ve become obsessed with film again. When I went to school digital photography was in its infancy. It’s been such an advantage to have experience with film and the darkroom.

Any favorite shoots?

LMB: Wow. There are really so many that it’s hard to narrow down one. This past summer I was commissioned to shoot a punk band from South Central called reVolt. It was such a great experience hanging out in their practice space, meeting their families and listening to them rehearse. I was almost a part of their world while shooting them.

Any favorite cameras?

AA: I’ll always love my Mamiya RZ67. It’s like my baby. The many vintage Polaroid cameras I have would come close second.

When did you start FashionGrunge and do you find yourself shooting more or managing more?

LMB: I started FashionGrunge about 5 years ago when I lived in NYC. I manage and write still for FG, but now my shooting has picked up again. I go through phases. At this particular time I’m so inspired, so expect more work from me soon!

Anything I should know about you I haven’t asked?

LMB: Hmm…well aside from being obsessed with photography, I also have the same love and passion for music. It’s so much a part of my daily life that it’s silly. I listen to music about 85% of the day.


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Be sure to contact Lauren to shoot for your next lifestyle, fashion, band shoot or world tour.

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