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15 Oct

25-year-old photographer Kaylin Amabile of Tampa, FL grew up with a mother who captured every moment and cataloged them in countless albums. This innate passion for moments eventually became a driving force in her own creative work to make beautiful sunlit and dreamy portraits. While she mainly creates images using her Nikon D300, she always has her trusty polaroid camera on hand as well.

“Photography for me is the sunlight coming through the window in the morning, the words at 3am I can never seem to express and the best way I can make sense of my surrounding world.”

Each image tells a story and Kaylin definitely has a connection to her subjects whether it’s a styled shoot, a wedding or something spontaneous.

“Every person has something new to offer, each with different unguarded moments to observe. I want to work with interesting faces with interesting stories to tell … open minded people willing to let the creative process run its course (a lot of times that includes rolling in the dirt or, if you’ve worked with me before you know, having random things stuck to your face, eyebrows or in your hair).”

Kaylin has only been focusing on her fashion/conceptual images for the last year and it seems there’s no stopping her. She’s available for commissions, fine art/gallery work and would love to collaborate with some musicians. If you want to own some of her images now, she has a store open with a variety of prints and wears as well.

Look below for a sampling of our favorite images from Kaylin’s portfolio and be sure to stick around for links to more of her work on Tumblr and more:


Kaylin’s Portfolio
Kaylin on Twitter: @kamakebelieve
Kaylin on Instagram: @kamakebelieve
Kaylin on Tumblr
Kaylin on Facebook

Be sure to contact Kaylin for your next ethereal adventure.

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