Joni Sternbach Photography

12 Jan

Joni Sternbach’s work is amazing to say the least. When I  first ran this across this Surfland series from her book of the same name, I practically fell out of my chair. These amazing tintypes and ambriotypes were taken only days ago using the techniques that have been unchanged since the late 1850s. She uses old cameras, really old 19th-century view cameras and a portable darkroom to create her amazingly textured and instantly anthropological images that are full of character. If it weren’t for some of the clothing and a few of the boards you would think these were taken between the late 18o0s to early 1900s.

A bit more about the wildly accomplished Joni: She’s had solo exhibitions and been a part of group exhibitions all around the world and now has work in the public collections of over 10 Museums. She was educated at the School of Visual Arts in 1977 and received  her Master of Arts in 1987 from New York University’s International Center of Photography. She’s taught in various schools like New York University, The American School in London, The Silver Eye Center for Photography and many more since the mid-1980s. She also does Wet-plate workshops to this day, so look into getting back to the roots in photography and sitting under this amazingly talented lady.

Feel free to contact Joni yourself to tell her how she inspires you or “like” her Surfland series on Facebook. You can also order the Surfland book from Amazon or her Publisher.

Visit Joni’s Sites:
Joni Sternbach Photography
Surfland on Facebook

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