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19 Oct

18-year-old Jessica Louise Heaps from Haworth, England, first got the photo bug around 2007 with the purchase of her first SLR. Now she’s aspiring to be a fashion and portrait photographer and is slowly but surely finding her way. She’s currently studying at Leeds College of Art and trying to document her life from behind the lens.

Enjoy a sampling of Jessica’s work and a brief interview.

Cameraluv: When will you complete your degree at Leeds?

Jessica Heaps: From the end of august I will be joining another 250 eager art students on the foundation course at LCA, so I will finish in may 2012

CL: I see that you said you are studying art & design, are you also studying photography there as well or are you primarily self taught?

JH: The course is a mixture of everything, including photography, but because it is so self taught and flexible I mostly use my photography to weave it into subjects such as fine art and fashion.

CL: What are some of your short term and long term goals for your photography?

JH: If I were to think big, I want to hit it with a fashion designer or a magazine editorial, working with the big ones in fashion. Thinking more reality, and small, I aim to grab leeds and to have people know me as ‘that really good photographer from yorkshire’.

CL: Has your work been published anywhere?

JH: The keighley news, my local newspaper. I guess it just goes to show how difficult it can be to get published!

CL: Who is your ideal client/ who do you want want to work for that you haven’t?

JH: In my dreams I would shoot for Vivienne Westwood, on crazy locations. Maybe the rockies or the middle of NYC.

CL: Do you have a favorite camera?

JH: Well, I have my canon 400d, but if I am honest my favourite cameras are disposable. I do realise how unprofessional and unreliable they are but I love that about them. To me the pictures they create say raw and young. They are REAL.

CL: What’s your most favorite subject to shoot now?

JH: My 7 year old sister. she has an essence of freedom and dainty-ness about her. She’s in most of my photos, actually.

CL: Do you have any favorite artists?

JH: Nirrimi and Rockie Nolan are my favourite young photographers, their images seem to brood on young souls and wild trips to forests and sunsets. They have done so well for their age, and they still have so much waiting for them

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  1. Caroline October 20, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    Well done jess your work is amazing!

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