Jeremy and Claire Weiss

30 Jan

The husband and wife team, Jeremy & Claire Weiss of DAY XIX are having way to much fun balancing work and life between LA and Big Bear Lake with 2 boys in tow. The couple has a really solid portfolio of portraits for a myriad of celebrities like Jack Black and clients you may have heard of like Adidas, Sony, Target, Nike, Oakley and Converse. Like most of our features, they’re so good, they make you want to drop everything and go shoot or maybe make you want to give up and leave this professional shooting thing to them. Either way, their images bring joy, push you to take an adventure and are just plain fun.

Here’s a sampling of a few of our favorite images from their portfolio and be sure to check out their ongoing Polaroid project and links to additional work below.

Be sure to Contact them for your next project.


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All images © 2014 Day XIX | Jeremy & Claire Weiss

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