James Bowden Photography

3 Mar

James Bowden is an Englishman by birth and a photographer, surfer, and aspiring vagabond by choice. His travels by skateboard, bike, cars and train take us to places like China, Australia, Tasmania, Argentina, Portugal, Sweden, France, Morocco, Wales, Patagonia and more. James has a gift for including us in the moment; you can feel the golden sun on your face, smell the salty air and imagine the laughs of friends you’ve yet to meet.

He works with a variety of cameras new and old. He has a special place in his heart for polaroid as seen in his wonderful Polaroid People Series. Enjoy a sampling of our favorite images below and be sure to visit his portfolio, blog and other links below.

Contact James today for your next traveling adventure. He’s up for the challenge.

Visit James’ Sites:
James’ Portfolio
James’ Blog
James on Vimeo
James on Twitter

Submitted by Hannah Stocks

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