Jade Berry Photography

11 Aug

20-year-old photographer Jade Berry hails from beautiful Newquay, Cornwall in south-west England. When the suns shines she spends her days looking for adventure with friends, on the beach and at the local lakes fishing and ends her days with dinners out and long walks along the shore. She loves the sea and recently spent a month in Barbados surfing nearly everyday. Jade’s a film lover and uses her trusty Vivitar and Olympus cameras to capture her naturally lit adventures. While she’s played with a camera since age 13, she has recently realized that this is really the medium she wants to use to create her ideas and visions.

” I think life is beautiful, so i want to show others how fun life can be. Teenagers are so quick to be judged, so I try to capture freedom, life, exploration, relationships, emotions and personalities within my images, almost like trapping feelings inside each picture.”

Look below for a sampling of our favorite images from Jade’s travels and summer time fun and be sure to view her other galleries and sites below.


Jade’s Portfolio
Jade on Tumblr
Jade on Flickr
Jade on Instagram
Jade on Twitter: @jadeberryy

Be sure to contact Jade for your next adventure.

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