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25 Aug

We were just introduced to the England-based premium leather goods maker Hawkesmill a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with their beautiful product shots of their camera bags and camera straps. I don’t think we’ve ever said “well that’s a beautiful picture of a camera strap” until now. The attention to detail they displayed throughout their site elevates the goods from the “like it”, to “love it”, to the “gotta have this gear” level. Seeing the well shot products made us want to touch and feel them for ourselves and a few weeks ago we got our clean white Royal post-delivered package adorned with just the right amount of hawk-themed custom packing tape and inside, our very own Westminster strap awaited it’s unwrapping inside a drawstring Hawkesmill-themed bag nestled softly in a piece of you guessed it hawk covered tissue paper. Thankfully, the the straps which range in price form £56.00-£115.00 are as lovely in person as the pictures portrayed with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail and that oh so delicious smell of freshly made leather goods. The strap was soft and feels good around the neck. We’re excited to see how the strap wears in over time and how the underside patinas over the years to come.

At their core, the Hawkesmill set out to simply create the best camera bags and leather camera straps money can buy. While the products give off the vibe of generations of mastery, they only concieved the brand in 2012 and spent their first TWO YEARS developing a camera bag that met their standards of style, durability and in the field functionality. TWO YEARS! They wanted to get it right, and I think they did. Take a tour of their site your self and put one of their products on your gear wishlist.


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