Dane Peterson Photography

6 Apr

As a teenager living in Malibu, California, the undeniably talented Dane Peterson was immersed in the surfing lifestyle from an early age thanks to his father a surfer/shaper. His love for the ocean grew as he got to experience it for himself. Dane is as skilled on a board as he is behind the lens, which gives him the ability to capture moments most people overlook. He looks for the subtlety, the moments in between the action, from capturing tubes from the water to the nightly parties, he lives for the variety. Dane is currently the first/only surfer to both appear on the cover of The Surfer’s Journal as the subject and the photographer (issue 18.2).

Photography for Dane came purely by accident. He often traveled the world as a professional surfer and was once asked by a friend to document one of his trips to Japan. His life was forever changed as he waited for that first batch of film to be developed. He now resides on Australia’s Sunshine Coast in Yaroomba. The slower pace and ocean-loving vibe suits his laid back approach to life.

Below is a sampling of some of our favorite images from Dane’s portfolio. Contact him today for your next lifestyle shoot or surfing adventure.

Dane Peterson

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Dane Peterson Photography
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