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Short Film: Handmade – featuring shaper and car builder Mark Rabbidge

25 Apr

Short Film: Handmade – featuring shaper and car builder Mark Rabbidge

We love video portraits and this one by Jonathan May of ’80s Australian pro surfer Mark Rabbidge showcases his love for waves and making one-of-a-kind boards and cars.

Director: Jonathan  May
Cinematography: Samir Abud, Jonathan May, Jeremy Shaw, Nigel Davenport
Editor: Leonie Blignaut
Colorist: Matt Fezz

(Via @m_tierney )

Kenny Hurtado Photography

13 Nov

Kenny Hurtado Photography

We were just introduced to the work Los Angeles-based Kenny Hurtado thanks to his Skying features for the surfbrand Vissla. Most of you are familiar with surf photography, but Kenny’s images are just different and we like that. “Skying” is a unique perspective on surf photography where the subject and sky are the main focus … the float, the speed of nearly flying through the air, the vastness of the ocean … they all make us want to paddle out.

Enjoy a sampling of Kenny’s images and be sure to visit his site and instagram links below to see more.


Kenny’s Portfolio
Kenny on Vissla
Kenny on Instagram

Contact Kenny for your next surfing adventure.

All images ©2014 Kenny Hurtado | Via the fine folks at Vissla

Owen Perry Photography

1 Jul

Owen Perry Photography

Owen Perry is a mind-blowing landscape and travel photographer from Whistler, BC who unlike most, wakes up early to get the shots in places you can only dream of.  His images show off our beautiful world from above and below and what’s crazy is he’s only been at this since 2011.

We’re so happy to introduce you Owen’s imagery from Canada, Chile, Europe and beyond, and with a little help from the internet, he may be able to take the interactive web designer off his bio and shoot photography full time … just imagine.


Owen’s Portfolio
Owen’s Blog
Owen on Facebook
Owen on Instagram

Be sure to contact Owen for your next adventure.

©2014 CIRCA 1983 and Owen Perry

Gunther Holtorf’s 23-Year Road Trip

31 Jul

Gunther Holtorf’s 23-Year Road Trip

Gunther Holtorf has been on an amazing 23-year world-wide journey with his main partner, a Mercedes Benz G Wagen effectionately called “Otto” since 1989 (when the Berlin wall fell). What’s so amazing about Gunther is not only his drive to travel (he’s logged over 500,000 miles), but that he’s captured the landscape and people so amazingly along the way. Throughout this journey he’s carried two old Leica film cameras and has stayed away from most modern technology.

Photography © Gunther Holtorf & David Lemke

via @brainpicker and BBC

240 Miles Up by Don Pettit

15 Jun

240 Miles Up by Don Pettit

I’ve always been a big fan of space and experimenting with long exposure photography. Astronaut Don Pettit combines these loves for some visual delight from about 240 miles up. The following images were created by stacking multiple 30-second exposure images taken aboard the International Space Station and combining them in imaging software. Basically we get to see the path of stars and lights on earth over 10-15 minute periods. Enjoy!

Since we’re on the topic of space, enjoy Dynamic Earth:


Follow Don Pettit on Twitter
Don Pettit’s Space Chronicles

All images © 2012 Don Pettit/NASA

Via Lost at E Minor & The Telegraph

Tim Navis Photography

3 Apr

Tim Navis Photography

Tim Navis is a self-proclaimed world citizen who’s not afraid of natural light and a splash of color. While he currently resides in Los Angeles, he’s open to travel all around this great land of ours from the beaches to the badlands. He also has a special project in the works for Iceland. Check out a sampling of his work below and be sure to visit his various sites.


Tim’s Portfolio
Tim’ Blog
Navis Photography on Flickr
Follow on Twitter
Navis Photography on Facebook
Navis on Instagram

Be sure to Contact Tim for interesting assignments world-wide.

All Images © 2012 Navis Photography.

Via ISO50 & Shayla McCallum

So It Goes

14 Mar

So It Goes

Its been warm or is warming up around much of the US, so let’s go surfing. This beautifully shot video by CosWeCan profiles 19-yr-old Felicity Palmateer (a billabong surfer) who’s been a determined surfer since age four and is now on the world tour.


Produced & Directed by Clare PLueckhahn & Fran Derham
Written by Fran Derham
Director of Photography Clare Plueckhahn
Edited By Karen Fleming
Colour by Crayon
Colourist Daniel Stonehouse
Producer Sophie Woods
Sound Design Nick Batterham

Via @clubofthewaves @cristinacity

Wiissa Photography

12 Oct

Wiissa Photography

We get inspired when we see people living life to the fullest and photo-duo Wiissa comprised of U.S.-Born Vanessa Hollander (17) and French-born Wilson Philippe (18) is doing just that. These two have beautifully captured their love for life, photography and each other on film. While still teenagers, the couple hasn’t been behind the lens too long, but after gifting each other film cameras on their birthday a few years ago, they haven’t stopped shooting each other, their friends and the world.

Here’s a look at a sampling of their work and keep scrolling for an interview with Wilson, one half of the talented photo-duo.


Cameraluv: Where do you two call home?
Wilson Philippe: We live on a small island next to Miami.

CL: Where are some of the places you have been together?

WP: We’ve been to so many great places, including France, Mongolia, Switzerland, and Brazil.

CL: What are some of your short term and long term goals for your photography?

WP: Short term we’d love to be able to work and collaborate with creative people and long term making a career out of taking pictures would be pretty great.

CL: Who is your ideal client?

WP: We have many ideal clients such as Levi’s, Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, and our favorite band, The Strokes.

CL: Do you have some favorite cameras?

WP: We love our Canon AE1 & Pentax K1000.

CL: What’s your most favorite subject to shoot now?

WP: At the moment we shoot our friends and ourselves so I guess our favorite subjects are young people!

CL: Could you tell us a bit about what brought on the trip to Mongolia and who you went with?

WP: The trip was organized by my parents, they had this idea of going to Mongolia and we were lucky enough to be able to go with them!

CL: What was it like giving pictures to someone who had never seen themselves in print?

WP: It was a truly humbling experience, photographs are something modern society take for granted. The pictures had a huge impact on them, they kept coming back for more pictures and told all their friends who then came themselves! We even had a family dress up in traditional modern clothing. They were very thankful for what seemed like a small gesture.

CL: Did doing a project like this change how you look at the world?

WP: Definitely, we see the world in a completely new way now. Seeing how they live and how they can be perfectly happy with how little they have really makes you
rethink your outlook on things.

CL: Do you have any more trips/projects like this planned?

WP: We don’t have any planned yet but we would love to do more. I think it would be great if we could get help from The Impossible Project film company to help us pay for the trip. I’d love to go on many kinds of trips like these and make a book out of it, that would be really cool.

Visit Wiissa’s sites:

Wiissa’s Portfolio
Wiissa on Flickr
Wiissa on Vimeo
Wiissa’s Printshop

Contact them for your next editorial or travel adventure:

Jobi Manson Photography

26 Sep

Jobi Manson Photography

Jobi is a gifted lifestyle photographer who grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and always dreamt of the other coast. She started traveling and surfing at the age of 15 and now at 24, she calls Venice, CA home and has integrated herself nicely into the surf & skate culture of So Cal. She’s quite the world traveler, finding herself in Africa, Asia, Australia, the South Pacific, & Europe and more. The places most people only see in magazines, she sees first hand, even putting herself in the ocean with Great White sharks if that’s what it takes. That early yearning to smell the fresh sea breezes finds much of her work revolving around the golden light of California’s surf & sun.

Visit Jobi’s Sites:

Jobi’s Portfolio
Jobi on Twitter
Jobi on Facebook
Jobi on Vimeo
The Blue Project

Contact her today for your next advertising or editorial campaign.

All photography copyright @2011 Jobi Manson

On the MOVE

5 Aug

On the MOVE

What do you get when you take 3 guys, 44 days of travel through 11 countries, on 18 flights covering over 38,000 miles? You get 3 awesome short films by independent Melbourne filmmaker Rick Mereki and friends. The trip of a lifetime was actually commissioned by STA Australia and resulted in 3 ambitious concepts: Move, Eat, Learn that were accompanied by the wonderful music of Kelsey James. Be Inspired!

(Found via @Nickonken)

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