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Lomo Tattoos: Kid tested and Approved

25 Apr

Lomo Tattoos: Kid tested and Approved

Lomo Tattoos featured on Cameraluv

Love cameras like we do? Why not wear a little luv on your skin with these new temporary tattoos from Lomography. The kids tested them and they approve! These 5 tattoos are bold and durable and hold up better than standard temporary tattoos we’ve tried. Gift a set to some cool little or big Cameraluving kids you know for under $8.

Lomo Tattoos featured on Cameraluv

Lomo Tattoos featured on Cameraluv

Wish List: The Polaroid Snap

20 Jan

Wish List: The Polaroid Snap

The Polaroidsnap on CameraLuv

Polaroid debuted their Snap camera last year and it looks like a fun. It’s a simple little 10mp camera that offers 3 photo modes (normal, black & white and vintage sepia tone) and prints full-bleed images or a classic white-bordered frame on their Zink paper. You can save your images using a MicroSD card or go cardless as long as paper is loaded up. It’s available in black, white, blue and red and sells for $99.

What’s even better than the Snap? Well, the newly announced at CES 2016 Polaroid Snap+ which incorporates a bunch of updates including a 3.5-inch touchscreen, a 13 megapixel CMOS, and 1080p full HD video recording capability along with remote connectivity via Bluetooth to the Polaroid print app, allowing the camera to connect and print images from other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Sadly, no prices or release dates other than Q4 have been released.

Must-Have: Fisheye 2 Brazilian Summer

16 May

Must-Have: Fisheye 2 Brazilian Summer

If you’re looking to have an fun summer and don’t have an analog camera to capture it, why not grab the new Fisheye 2 Brazilian Summer for a cool $89. The colors and graphics celebrate life, color and the pursuit of fun. Get snappin.

2013 Gift Guide

13 Dec

2013 Gift Guide

With just under 2-weeks to go, there is still probably some shopping to be done for the camera lover or photography enthusiast in your life. Check out some fun items we tracked down and have a camera-filled Christmas.

DJI Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro Mounts $479
Mixing your love for RC stuff with cameras… oh yeah.. I want to play with one of these…
pleez Santa bring me one of these!!

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition $399
The best little wearable wi-fi camera out there that we know of. This one comes with a remote or camera can be controlled from your phone or iPad with the GoPro app … sweet.

Impossible’s Instant Lab $299

Go Analog with this fun Camera and convert your smart phone pics to real-life shakable polaroids.

Fuji Instax Mini 90 $209
Instant fun with more shooting controls and options.

La Sardina and Flash Slendour $169
Some classy and retro styled silver and black Lomo love.

Burton Zoom Pack $155
Tote your gear in style on or off the mountain.

La Sardina DIY White Edition from Lomography $109
Get out your markers, paper, paint or glue and dress up your own camera.

Superheadz Harinezumi 4 Video Camera $160
This tiny camera is shaped like a roll of 110mm film. Has many functions, 10 various color effects, zoom, multiple exposure and more.

Polaroid Z2300 $199
Your instagram camera … Print pics only when you want to … as well as saving a digital file. Keep in mind you only get 10 shots per film pack, like the old days.

La Sardina DIY Black $69
More DIY fun, this time with a black base… (sorry no on-board flash on this one)

Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus Edition for $55
A fun and colorful little fisheye.

Lens Pillows $80
Can’t put your equipment down? Now you can snuggle.

Lomography Smart Phone Film Scanner $59
From your 35mm film archives to your camera roll … after you download and fire up the free Lomo app.

Konstruktor Transparent Collector’s Edition $59
Build your own transparent display camera. Sweet!

Pelican U105 Laptop Bag $89
Hard case protection in a slim backpack. A cool pack option if you want to keep you computer close while in the field

Replichrome By Totally Rad $99
Some sweet film emulation presets for Lightroom. Cool looks for a cool benjamin.

Fisheye Baby 110 Basic for $39
The classic Lomo fisheye camera, just smaller.

Konstruktor DIY 35mm Camera Kit $35
Build your own 35mm camera and use it too. You designers may just buy this for the packaging. I don’t think I’ll be throwing mine away.

Aluminum Camera $49.95
No shelf is complete without one of these.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid Book for $15
Always fun to hear the Polaroid story.

Superheadz The Last Camera Kit $30
Cool and understated Expandable camera kit.

Impossible GoldSilverColored Frame Films from $24

Silver Antique Cameras $9
More art for your desk or book shelves.

Brass Bead Lens Necklace $9.95
A simple and fun wearable camera.

Recycled Film Canister Key Chains $4.99
Gotta carry your keys somehow.

Canon Camera Lens Mugs (White $30) (Black $24)
Freak out your friends and drink up.

Tattly Camera Tattoos $15
Cool temporary tats from swissmiss & friends.

Polaroid Camera Coin Bank $20
Keep those coins safe in this cool little bank.

Camera Cookie Cutters $18
Get crafty and serve up a camera at your next party.

The Ring Flash Adapter $40
Awesome portraits in a snap … and you get the cool halo eyes too.

Any cool camera-themed giftables we missed that we just have to include? Let us know and we’ll try to add it. Have a great Christmas!

Must-Have: The Konstruktor

14 Jun

Must-Have: The Konstruktor

Ever wanted to learn about the inner workings of an analog camera? Ever wanted to build one yourself? Lomography’s fun new Konstruktor gives you the chance! After a few clicks and screws, you’ll have your own fully-working 35mm camera with a top-down viewfinder to see what you shoot as well as a multiple exposure function, bulb setting for long exposures and a detachable 50mm f/10 Lens. The kit is perfect for DIYers and even comes with a set of stickers to give it your own personal touch. Buy it for yourself or a friend for a cool $35.

A Visual Compendium of Cameras

25 Apr

A Visual Compendium of Cameras

Hundreds of landmark cameras on one poster … yeah we want that. The $22, 18″x24″ illustrated poster by Pop Chart Lab shows a range of awesome professional and consumer model cameras and would be a great gift for all the camera lovers out there. Get yours today!

Found thanks to @shawnromano

Must-Haves: Diana F+ Love Letters

6 Feb

Must-Haves: Diana F+ Love Letters

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Lomo has another Vday themed camera this year, the fun fabric covered Diana Love Letters for a cool $99.

As with other Diana F+ cameras it features the Diana F+ lens which creates dreamy, lo-fi photos on 120 film. It’s got two Shutter-Speeds: N for normal daytime/flash or B for long exposures indoor/nighttime. It also has two image sizes: 12 full-frame square shots 5.2 x 5.2cm or 16 smaller square images – 4.2 x 4.2cm. Get your analogue lover a fun new camera this holiday.

Must-Have: The Belair X 6-12

23 Oct

Must-Have: The Belair X 6-12

New to our Must-have list is the recently released Belair X 6-12 from Lomography. It’s a modern vintage throwback camera that you can’t ignore.

It comes in 3 models available for pre-order now, the Globe-trotter, the Jetsetter and the all black City Slicker. Each camera boasts auto-exposure capabilities, two inter-changeable lenses (90mm & 58mm), & bellows for easy folding.

One of the coolest things about this vintagy 120 film shooter is that it can shoot three aspect ratios— a square 6×6, a standard 6×9, and the 6-12 panorama. Other notables include zone focusing, support ISO film from 50 to 1600, a standard hot-shoe mount, and the Bulb mode and double exposure shooting modes you’d expect from Lomography.

Here a few sample images from the cameras:

The cameras are currently in short supply so order soon (globe-trotter already sold out), they’re guaranteeing delivery by December 19th for most countries.

Must-Have: The La Sardina DIY

18 Jul

Must-Have: The La Sardina DIY

If you could never find a Lomo camera that fit your style, you no longer have an excuse. Lomography’s newly released La Sardina DIY Edition camera is ready for you to paint them, tag them, sticker them, customize them with photos or even take them apart. The world is your oyster … err Sardine.

Must-Have: The La Sardina Beach Editions

4 May

Must-Have: The La Sardina Beach Editions

The Lomography crew is at it again with a new set of 10 beach inspired La Sardina Clones. The bunch ranges from $75 to $109 with the Fritz the Blitz flash. Your trip to the tropics would not be complete without one of these colorful cameras.

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