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Set in the Street

8 Oct

Set in the Street

NYC Artist, Photographer, Art Director Justin Bettman has been at work for a while on a really cool self-initiated project called Set in the Street. In each “set”, Bettman creates Wes Andersen-esque interiors from found furniture and materials and then photographs people within those sets. The close-cropped pictures appear to be in the home or shop, but when you zoom out, you see that the shots are actually composed on a random street in NYC or in California. Recently though he created a barber shop at the Berlin Wall.

After each shoot, Bettman leaves the “set” on the street and puts up a sign inviting people to take their own photos and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #SetInTheStreet.

He recently had an art show, not surprisingly on the street in Manhattan and is going to keep the project going indefinetly.


Justin’s Set in the Street
#Setinthestreet on Instagram
Chris Allen the “Set” Site maker

Justin’s Portfolio
Justin on Twitter
Justin on Instagram

All images © 2015 Justin Bettman

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Ty Johnson Photography

12 Jun

Ty Johnson Photography

Ty Johnson Photography |

Ty Johnson is a Melbourne-based music and lifestyle photographer, art director, producer and co-founder of Sideshow Alley. He loves music and really loves to document music lovers at countless music festivals around Australia, the UK and USA. Ty is also a film producer and editor making his feature film debut with the music documentary Austin to Boston that releases today (June 12, 2015) on Netflix, iTunes and other outlets.

Ty Johnson Austin to Boston

Austin to Boston is a modern music tour, done the old way. The bands Ben Howard, The Staves, Nathaniel Rateliff, and Bear’s Den take five old VW camper vans on a 4,000 mile zig-zagging trek around the US in just 2 weeks. The adventure started at a backyard party after Austin’s SXSW Music Festival and headed to the northeast, pushing through storms, vehicle breakdowns, and cramped conditions to play just about everywhere, from bars to barns, rooftops and more to wow fans old and new. The documentary features Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett and is narrated by Gill Landry. Here’s the trailer:

Take a look at some of our favorite images from Ty’s portfolio and be sure to check out his sites below for much more.

Ty Johnson Photography


Ty’s Portfolio
Ty on Twitter
Ty on Facebook
Ty on Instagram
Sideshow Alley
The Austin to Boston Film
Austin to Boston on Facebook

Contact Ty for your music or travel adventure. He’s not afraid.

All images ©2015 Ty Johnson Photography

Dennis Stevens Photography

19 May

Dennis Stevens Photography

Dennis Stevens Photography

18-year-old Dennis Stevens just graduated from his Georgia high school and has moved to Orlando, FL to study at University of Central Florida, but unlike most his age, he’s been playing with cameras since the 5th grade. With the help of his grandfather, he’s been honing his craft and getting better and better equipment over the years. In July of 2014, Dennis met Winter Park, FL Fire Chief James White and was given the chance to hang out around Station 61. The days flew by and upon seeing the resulting images, the Fire Chief gave Dennis an open invitation to capture his dedicated team in action whenever he wished to. Working with those first responders has changed Dennis’ life and has started him on the path to acquiring professional clients like Honeywell as well as other clients.

Enjoy a sampling of Dennis’ images of Winter Park Fire Rescue and stay tuned for an interview with the aspiring photographer. Also be sure to visit his sites below to see more of his work.

©2015 Dennis Stevens Photography

Our interview with the talented and driven Dennis Stevens:

How did you get your start with a camera? Anyone influential in putting one in your hand?

Dennis Stevens: I first picked up a camera in the fifth grade after what was essentially a battle with my art teacher who said I wasn’t ready to start photography like the higher grades. The years following that, I slowly progressed. I was comfortable with photographing my friends, and family. It was freshman year that I realized I needed to start forming my own style because my work was going somewhere. Now I am working with giant corporations, so its been a good path so far! My grandfather Craig was really the spark to making all of this happened. He knew from the start that I would be something with my photography, and he hasn’t given up yet. He bought me every camera that I work with, and is always someone to go to when I am in need of advice. 

How long have you been working with the first responders?

DM: I first began working with first responders in July 2014 after my father introduced me to the local fire chief, James White. After meeting with him and showcasing my portfolio, he granted me the opportunity to stay around the firehouse for a few days to photograph his firefighters. The results of those few days were remarkable by his criteria, and he essentially extended to me a permanent invitation to work with the fire department whenever I wished to. 

What kind of impact did seeing them at work have on you?

DM: Working with these firefighters had an unbelievable impact on my life. First and foremost, I started to have a much greater appreciation for the jobs that these men and women have. They dedicate their lives so that others may live. They are forced to make many personal sacrifices such as being away from their family for 1/3 of the year. I have responded with these heroes to fires, auto accidents, life-threatening medical calls, and even scenes where victims passed away. Not many people could work in such an environment. All men are created equal, but then a few become firefighters.

What are some of your short term and long term goals for your photography? 

DM: My dream is to work with amazing agencies and clients and be able to deliver on a national stage. My immediate goals are to network with marketing directors at corporations in hopes of acquiring work. This past December, I was commissioned by Honeywell International for a campaign with first responders. I am moving into the mentality of only creating lifestyle and advertising photography. My ideal clients are companies that I recognize, respect, and use in my everyday life. For example, I would love to shoot a campaign for San Diego based phone case company, LifeProof.

Any favorite cameras?

DM: I photograph with a Canon 5D mark III exclusively, and have fallen in love with the Canon EOS System. I plan to acquire the Canon 5Ds R after it is released as it will allow me to shoot in a more medium format style with my work. I also like walking around with an old Polaroid camera and letting my raw creativity run free.

©2015 Dennis Stevens Photography

Our interview continued:

What’s your most favorite subject to shoot now?

Dennis Stevens: After spending months together, the men and women of the Winter Park Fire Department have become my favorite subjects.

Anything else we should know?

DM: I am eighteen years old. I am completely self-taught. I love what I do, and I dream big and dare to fail.


Dennis’ Portfolio
Dennis on Behance
Dennis on Instagram

Contact Dennis for your next shoot. He’s dreaming big.

All images ©2015 Dennis Stevens Photography

The Denton Camera Exchange

23 Feb

The Denton Camera Exchange

Recently, The Vision Beautiful released a short 5-minute clip, on Armand Kohandani (the owner of the Denton Camera Exchange) as part of their people of Denton (Texas) Project. The clip profiles his love for analog photography and why he started the only photography shop in Denton.

Via Lomography

Vinyl Beauty By Colin Czerwinski

18 Feb

Vinyl Beauty By Colin Czerwinski

Vinyl Beauty | Colin Czerwinski

Colin Czerwinski is a music loving photographer from Bluffton, South Carolina. He captures images around town of sunsets, lakefronts, still lifes and more, but they all have a “fine art” feel to them. One group of images that stood out amongst all is other work was his documentation of his collection of vinyl records. The colors, the patterns, the simplicity and beauty really grabbed us, and as it turns out grabbed him a long time ago:

I grew up into music early on. My dad is a drummer (and engineer) and my mom was a jazz/dance instructor. I remember when I was younger, I would delve into my dads vinyl and just look at them because I thought they were so cool. There was something special about holding the vinyl and flipping it over to the B side that appealed to me. About 5 or 6 years ago, a friend of mine showed me a couple bands – The Menzingers and Algernon Cadwallader – and a few more, but he introduced to me this “underground” punk/emo/rock scene that I wasn’t aware of.

All these bands were releasing vinyl still and the colored variants that they were doing caught my attention. I immediately wanted to start finding bands that I liked (which is the more math-rock oriented stuff) and start collecting vinyl. Once you start collecting its really hard to stop, haha.

Although only a sampling of his collection is shown below, Colin has over 80 vinyl records and has produced a few now for his two bands Big Awesome and Henrietta.

I’m so glad we did! Its such a cool feeling to hold your own music thats actually tangible and real.

Vinyl Beauty | Colin Czerwinski


Colin’s Portfolio
Colin on Tumblr
Colin on Twitter
Colin on Facebook
Colin on Instagram

Colin’s recommended record labels: Topshelf Records, Tiny Engines, Count Your Lucky Stars, Jetsam – Flotsam, Run For Cover, Sideonedummy, Flannel Gurl, Polyvinyl, Animal Style

Contact Colin

All images ©2015 Colin Czerwinski

Paige Nelson Photography

22 Jan

Paige Nelson Photography

Paige Nelson Photography

San Diego’s Paige Nelson is a young wanderlusting and light-loving photographer who finds herself inspired by the unique landscapes of her sun-drenched hometown. She began shooting back in 2009 thinking she wanted to be a photojournalist and now blurs the line between reality and the landscapes of our dreams to capture models and a lot of time just herself dangling at cliff’s edge. She’s hardly ever without a camera and you can tell, splitting time with her fine art work and commissions and weddings.

Enjoy a sampling of Paige’s curious and fearless images and be sure to visit her sites below to see more.

104_paige_nelson_oncameraluv_1 104_paige_nelson_oncameraluv_2


Paige’s Portfolio
Paige on Twitter
Paige on Flickr
Paige on Facebook

Contact Paige for your next fashion editorial, cookbook or commission, we have a feeling she’s not afraid to travel.

All images ©2015 Paige Nelson Photography

I Love You, California
by Jack Coleman

26 Nov

I Love You, California <br />by Jack Coleman

This short film by Jack Coleman features surfer Derrick Disney in California during Hurricane Marie. We dig it for it’s trippy analog 16mm footage, Derrick’s rad surf skills and the great filtered and technicolor moments. Enjoy!

Also check out why Jack Coleman shoots for the love of it:

Via Vissla

Kenny Hurtado Photography

13 Nov

Kenny Hurtado Photography

We were just introduced to the work Los Angeles-based Kenny Hurtado thanks to his Skying features for the surfbrand Vissla. Most of you are familiar with surf photography, but Kenny’s images are just different and we like that. “Skying” is a unique perspective on surf photography where the subject and sky are the main focus … the float, the speed of nearly flying through the air, the vastness of the ocean … they all make us want to paddle out.

Enjoy a sampling of Kenny’s images and be sure to visit his site and instagram links below to see more.


Kenny’s Portfolio
Kenny on Vissla
Kenny on Instagram

Contact Kenny for your next surfing adventure.

All images ©2014 Kenny Hurtado | Via the fine folks at Vissla

Josh Letchworth for Mastercraft

24 Oct

Josh Letchworth for Mastercraft

We are big fans of Josh Letchworth and this week he released new work for the premier boat manufacturer Mastercraft. Josh and an assortment of pro surfers like Donavon Frankenreiter and legend Tom Curren traveled around Mexico and Hawaii blurring the lines between traditional surfing and the wake surfing the boat is capable of. Enjoy a sampling of the images and be sure to visit his links below for more mind blowing work for his other clients.


Josh’s Portfolio
Josh’s Blog
Josh on Twitter

Contact Josh for your next lifestyle or action sports shoot.

Kaylin Amabile Photography

15 Oct

Kaylin Amabile Photography

25-year-old photographer Kaylin Amabile of Tampa, FL grew up with a mother who captured every moment and cataloged them in countless albums. This innate passion for moments eventually became a driving force in her own creative work to make beautiful sunlit and dreamy portraits. While she mainly creates images using her Nikon D300, she always has her trusty polaroid camera on hand as well.

“Photography for me is the sunlight coming through the window in the morning, the words at 3am I can never seem to express and the best way I can make sense of my surrounding world.”

Each image tells a story and Kaylin definitely has a connection to her subjects whether it’s a styled shoot, a wedding or something spontaneous.

“Every person has something new to offer, each with different unguarded moments to observe. I want to work with interesting faces with interesting stories to tell … open minded people willing to let the creative process run its course (a lot of times that includes rolling in the dirt or, if you’ve worked with me before you know, having random things stuck to your face, eyebrows or in your hair).”

Kaylin has only been focusing on her fashion/conceptual images for the last year and it seems there’s no stopping her. She’s available for commissions, fine art/gallery work and would love to collaborate with some musicians. If you want to own some of her images now, she has a store open with a variety of prints and wears as well.

Look below for a sampling of our favorite images from Kaylin’s portfolio and be sure to stick around for links to more of her work on Tumblr and more:


Kaylin’s Portfolio
Kaylin on Twitter: @kamakebelieve
Kaylin on Instagram: @kamakebelieve
Kaylin on Tumblr
Kaylin on Facebook

Be sure to contact Kaylin for your next ethereal adventure.

©2014 Kaylin Amabile Photography

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