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TIME ZERO: The Last Year of Polaroid Film

6 Apr

TIME ZERO: The Last Year of Polaroid Film

TIME ZERO (debuting this month) is a documentary film that chronicles the passionate efforts of a small team of photographers who tried to keep instant photography alive. One of our favorite instant film photographers Grant Hamilton is the man behind the project and we couldn’t be happier that the movie is finally ready.


@ 12:30PM

Somerville Theatre, Screen 1
55 Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144
For tickets and info:

via Azuree Wiitala (@xo_azuree) (@TIMEZEROmovie)

Kodachrome 2010 – A Documentary

8 Feb

Kodachrome 2010 – A Documentary

Filmmaker Xander Robin commemorated the Kodachrome’s 75th and final year with this mini documentary about the film and the last shop that could develop it. For those of you who didn’t know, Kodachrome was the first commercial color film on the market beginning in 1936 and ending production in 2009. The last Kodachrome development lab, Dwayne’s Photo, in Kansas stopped processing the film in 2010 due to the shortage of chemicals available.

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Toying with Creativity

17 Jan

Toying with Creativity

Photographer and author Michelle Bates first discovered the Holga camera back in 1991 and has been playing with them ever since. She’s an advocate for analog toy cameras and claims they are:

“the Antidote to the tyranny of Technology.”

This clip from TEDx explores her work and some of her toy camera contemporaries who are using Holgas to capture amazing images from around the world.

Via @holgajen

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 2

22 Nov

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 2<br />Accessories!!!

PART 2 of our Holiday Gift guide is all about accessories—the gear and add-ons that can make shooting with your cameras even more fun. Everything from Lo-fi DSLR lenses, crazy cases to take your iPhonography to the next level, cool camera straps to ditch those uncomfortable stock camera straps and more.

If you’re into tilt-shift photography, Lensbaby has some really cool accessories. This Ultimate Portrait Kit has it all, but it’s not cheap at $590. This kit comes with two lenses and a variety of optics. Lensbaby also offers a variety of other tilt lens options from $199 and up.

This Holga Traveler Bag – ( $20) nods to the military cases of old and can hold 8 rolls of 120 film, several Holgas, your notebooks and much more. It’s available with or without a strap.

You can finally ditch those ugly and uncomfortable stock camera straps and get something more personal to carry your camera around. Capturing Couture has something for just about everybody and they’re pretty comfortable too. Straps for Guys range from $39-$45 and Straps for Girls range from $39-$49. Some quick links to our favorites from above are the checkered  Reaper (mens)  and the leather Twilight Eclipse and Penelope Pear (womens).

Ever wanted that lo-fi look of the Holgas or Lomography Diana clones, but just can’t bear to wait for film to develop? You don’t have to wait with these fun lenses and adapters for your Nikon and Canon cameras. The Dreamy Diana lens w/adapter is just $60 and the Holga Lens for DSLRs is even less at a cool $25.

We’re so stoked for this new PX – Gold Edition film ($23.99) from the Impossible Project. The golden frames are a great companion to their warm exposures and works in both the 600 series and SX-70 Polaroid cameras.

This iPhone 8x Telephoto Lens ($35) may look a little funny, but you’ll probably get addicted to carrying it around to concerts and sporting events. Here’s how it works: you put the matte black case on your iPhone 4/4s and screw on the lens. It’s that simple. This is a great deal for a case, lens and tripod.

Take your iPhonography to the next level by keeping things locked in cleanly with the The Glif: Minimalist iPhone Stand & Tripod Mount ($20). This minimal stand is a great way to hold your phone vertically or horizontally to get blur-free night shots & shake-less video.

We know you’ve got apps to do this kind of thing, but why not play with this colorful 10-holed Holga iPhone Filter Case – ($30) from the Four Corner Store. The case is available in black, red, white, grey, and blue.

These upcycled usb film canisters ($20) now can boast 1000s of pictures instead of the standard 36 thanks to the 4GB inside. What’s fun about this is that you never know what you’re gonna get … will it be Kodak … Fuji … we’ll just have to wait and see.

This Camera Dial Decal ($18) is sure to show the world or at least the people at Starbucks a bit of your camera-loving tendencies.

Here’s a fun Camera-themed USB drive ($20) that’d be a fun gift or a cool way to send your work to clients old and new, just put a bow on it.

Know of additional accessories you’d add to your own Holiday Wish list? Let us know by commenting below. If you want to see more from the 2011 Gift Guide, check out some cool cameras under $400 in Part 1.

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1
Cameras !!!

21 Nov

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1 <br />Cameras !!!

This year we’re excited to find and show off a wide array of fun products for camera lovers of all kinds in our five part 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

PART 1 is all about cameras and specifically, fun ones under $400. Whether it’s a gift for yourself, a family member or your significant other, we hope you find something you could all enjoy. Our cheapest stocking stuffer cameras came in at just $9 and the recently released 8GB version of the light field camera by Lytro topped our list at $399. Happy Shooting!

DIY Twin Lens Camera Kit – $20

Build your own twin-lens camera on the cheap!

“Golden Half” Half-frame camera – $50

Get twice the pictures with this fun half-frame camera.

Holga 135 Camera - $40

For those that want a Holga, but don’t want to mess with the 120 film. This Holga’s ready for action with all types of 35mm film.

DIY 35mm Camera Kit – $12

This camera takes you back to your model building days. Build your own 35mm camera in no time.

Micro 110 Holga in Colors – $9

This Micro 110 camera is available in several colors including black, green, grey and purple. It’d make a great little stocking stuffer for the Holga loving film buff  in your life.

La Sardina Mobius – $69 & La Sardina – Domino – $69

These new patterned cameras from Lomography’s La Sardina Series would be a sure hit for the design-minded in your life.

Lomo Kinoscope Package – $99

One of the newest offerings from Lomo, the LomoKino,  lets you hand crank your own video using all of your favorite 35mm film types. You can even watch your mini movies on the included viewer scope.

Sprocket Rocket Green – $89, Sprocket Rocket Yellow - $89,  Sprocket Rocket Blue - $89, Sprocket Rocket Orange – $89

For those who love full-framed shots where the areas around the sprockets are even exposed, the Sprocket Rocket is for you. It’s super fun to use and comes in some crazy colors. It’s also available in white and black for you boring types.

Fuji Instax Mini 50s Piano Black (with film) – $149

Here’s a streamlined & slick camera for the Instant-film lover in your life. It shoots the same 2.4″x8″ film as the other Instax Mini 7s  and Mini 25s.

Zumi Triple Plus – $175
Create cool lofi stills and fun 8mm Style video. This updated camera has 10 color modes and the option to shoot with or without sound.

La Sardina – Quadrat – $109 & La Sardina – Cubic – $109

These flash-equipped cameras from the new La Sardina line are all about patterns.

Diana F+ Gold Edition – $109, Diana Mini Gold Edition -$129, Fisheye No. 2 Gold Edition – $99

For the bling lover in your life. These new Diana clones are ready to party.

Lytro Light Field Camera 8GB -Graphite/Electric Blue – $399

The Lytro light field camera was one of the most anticipated releases of 2011. It gives you the ability to focus after you shoot. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

This new and improved GoPro Hero 2 is probably the best HD camera out there for the dare-devil types. Strap it to your surfboard for a surf session or attach it to your helmet for your next base jump. You’ll be able to show your skill … or stupidity in Full-HD glory.

GoPro Hero 2 – 1080p HD Camera – Surf Edition -$299
Includes waterproof case, surfboard mounts, FCS plug mounts and a float.

GoPro Hero 2 – 1080p HD Camera – Outdoor Edtion – $299
Includes waterproof case helmet strap, head strap, adhesive mounts and 3-way pivot arm.

Lomography’s Diana Deluxe Kit – $249
This complete set of Diana goodies, from lenses to flashes and frames is for those who want it all.

Let us know what additional cameras you’d add to your own Holiday Wishlist by commenting below:

Must-Have: The LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker

3 Nov

Must-Have: The LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker

Lomography finally puts their photos on the move with their new retro-inspired crank-driven LomoKino-Super 35 Movie Maker camera. By using any of your favorite 35mm films you can create roughly 45 seconds of footage with 144 or so little images (24mm x 8.5mm). Then all you LomoMovie makers need to do is load it up into their new LomoKinoScope, point it at a light source and enjoy the fruits of your directorial labor. Lomography is also allowing people to upload and share their movies online.

Here’s one of the first released silent short films using the LomoKino, Ghost of the Beach by Satomi Sugiyama.

Tech Details:

Retail Price: $79 for the Lomokino, $99 for the Lomokino + lomokinoscope
Film type: all kind of 135 roll film
Lens: 25mm
Exposure area: 24mm x 8.5mm: 144 images/film
Continuous Aperture: f/5.6 – f/11
Shutter: 1/100
Hand-cranked: approx. 3-4 fps, 36-48 sec. movie per roll
Focusing: (normal) 1m~infinity,(press button for) 0.6m close up
Tripod mount: yes

Update: If you’ve been wondering how it works, our friend @xo_azuree found the Lomokino production notes.

Capturing Skateboarding with Old School Wetplate tech

1 Nov

Capturing Skateboarding with Old School Wetplate tech

Producer and camera operator Matt Stanley of L.A. shoots some behind the scenes footage of photographer Ian Ruhter at work capturing some skateboarding shots on wetplate (really old photography tech.)

Via iso1200

Caviar Anyone?

14 Oct

Caviar Anyone?

New to our Must-Have wish list is Lomography’s newly released Caviar Edition of the fun La Sardina Series cameras. These new 35mm cameras, the Beluga (red) and the Czar (blue) take on a similar shape to their plastic sea worthy cousins, but have been remade in long-lasting brass with fun engravings. Even their new flash, Fritz the blitz has been updated in brass for this edition. They’re not cheap, drifting in at $179 a piece, but they should be with you for a long time.

Review: Hands on with the Lomo El Capitan

27 Sep

Review: Hands on with the Lomo El Capitan

Over the last month I’ve had some hands on time with the fun little red 35mm El Capitán camera, my favorite from the newly released La Sardina Series by Lomography. This camera has been a lot of fun and has turned a lot of heads wondering if it was actually made from a sardine can from which it was inspired.

The El Capitán and its sister cam the blue Fischer’s Fritze were the first to boast Lomo’s new adjustable Fritz the Blitz flash which I had to get my hands on. I loved the ability finally adjust the power of the flash. The power control is based on the distance of the subject you are shooting. It worked pretty well and the new colored flash caps (red, yellow, blue, white) are much easier to use than the previous little gel slips. I liked the results of the yellow and the white diffuser caps much more than the blue caps. It was cool to have some really nice and warm colored snaps of my son that look a lot like the old summer pics of me as a child.

Lomography is known for their fun cameras, but also their packaging. The La Sardina series is no exception with the marine influenced packaging consisting of nets and ship’s wheels and other nautical symbols. This package also comes with cool fold-out poster manual and creative little La Sardina book that has exposed threaded edges. The book features their 10 Golden Rules of Lomography along with tons of shots from the La Sardina cameras of boats, old men, ropes and all-things-sea. Some people I’ve talked to wish they could get the cameras without all the excessive packaging, but as a designer I appreciate the little fun details of the experience they provide.

When I had the camera with me I didn’t take myself to seriously and just had fun snapping away with family and friends. One drawback of the adjustable focusing lens onboard was that I sometimes forgot to switch it in the moment. I’d be upclose shooting to infinity or vice-versa. I like the feature, but I need to pay more attention to what I have it set on. I was happy with the images I shot both on 100 and 800 speed films. The 800 was a bit grainy, but there’s no denying it’s actually film and not some instagram filter. All-in-all I had a lot of fun with the camera and I smiled every time I took it out with me to shoot and pretty much everyone who saw me with it smiled as well.

Some La Sardina Tech Facts:

Film type: 35mm
Lens Focal length: 21mm
Aperture: Fixed f/8
Shutter speed: Bulb(B), 1/100 (N)
Focusing steps: Two Step 0.6m, 1m-infinity
Film Counting: Auto Film Counting
Multiple exposures: Yes
Flash contact: For Fritz the Blitz flash only
Price: El Capitán $99, Frischer Fritze $99, Marathon $59, Sea Pride $59

Get yours at or your local lomography dealer.

How film was made in 1958

20 Sep

How film was made in 1958

Here’s a cool look back at “How film is Made” a 1958 Kodak factory documentary.

Note: It’s in Dutch with English subtitles.

via laughingsquid

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