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Kirsty Mitchell Photography

25 May

Kirsty Mitchell Photography

Kirsty grew up in the “Garden of England” with a love for art history, photography, fine art, film and theatre … a product of her loving and nurturing mother’s support and fantastical stories. Tragically, in 2008, a brain tumor took her mother’s life and Kirsty lost herself for a while in street photography, unable to express her feelings—capturing people who seemed to feel the way she did.

A few months later, she turned the camera inward and photography became an overwhelming passion as she tried to create the beautiful and imaginative images that her mother instilled in her dreams as a child. What she thought would only be a small project, has become an engulfing three year Wonderland journey that is finally near completion this summer. With the help of loving friends and volunteers and countless hours of work she’s created a beautiful and amazing tribute to her mother that has be seen to believed.


Kirsty’s Portfolio
Kirsty on Facebook
Kirsty on Flicker
Kirsty on Vimeo

Be sure to contact Kirsty to tell her how much you love her images and buy her art here.

All images © 2012 Kirsty Mitchell Photography

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Derek Wood Photography

20 Apr

Derek Wood Photography

In a former life, Derek Wood lived in Maine and sold real estate. He’s since found a more creative calling as a fashion and editorial photographer in Los Angeles. He loves the great outdoors and is making beautiful images of models, actresses and musicians for clients like Acme, Arden B, The Ben Trovato Blog, Forever 21, JPG, Rouge, Seventeen, Sugarlips, Vice, and Zooey Magazine (of which he’s the Director of Photography). He’s a fan of the analog, making his own beer and instant images with his Polaroid cameras.

Check out a sampling of some our favorite images from his fashion and personal portfolios. Be sure to visit his sites below and lose yourself in his imagery for a while.


Derek’s Portfolio
Derek’s Blog
Derek on Twitter

Be sure to contact Derek for your next fashion or editorial feature.

All images © 2012 Derek Wood Photography

Kelly Steffey Photography

19 Jan

Kelly Steffey Photography

I’m constantly amazed at the young photographic talent we come across from around the globe. Small-town farm girl Kelly Steffey, 23, from just outside Birmingham, Alabama is no exception. She’s a girl of many passions, but her love for nature, sustainability and living off the land really inspires and energizes her work. She combines breath-taking surroundings, vintage/recycled wardrobes, and beautiful models to create some fantastic and moving images. Her subjects seem confident in their own skin and aren’t afraid to get dirty or explore what the world has out there.

A fact that may surprise you is that she’s not formally trained and only recently started shooting, just two summers ago in mid-2010. She’s now living and breathing the art-form with hopes to make a career for herself in the fashion world, linking arms with eco-focused fashion magazines, green companies and designer labels that use recycled or sustainably grown materials and fair labor practices.


Kelly’s Portfolio
Kelly Steffey Photography on Facebook
Kelly on Twitter
Kelly on Tumblr
Kelly’s first magazine A Child of the West

Be sure to Contact Kelly for your next editorial or fashion shoot. She’s definitely not afraid to travel, as she frequents LA and Denver often.

All Images © Kelly Steffey. Used by permission.

Olivia Bossert Photography

30 Dec

Olivia Bossert Photography

Olivia is a 19-year-old fashion enthusiast from Geneva, Switzerland. She’s only been behind the lens for about 4 years, but has always been captivated by fashion and beauty since she was a little girl. While Switzerland is where she calls home, she lives most of the year now in Falmouth, Cornwall sharpening her skills at the University College Falmouth majoring in Fashion Photography.

Enjoy a sampling of her ever-growing portfolio and be sure to check out more of her work on her other sites as well.


Olivia’s Portfolio
Olivia Bossert Photography on Facebook
Olivia on Twitter
Olivia on Flickr

Be sure to Contact Olivia for your next editorial or fashion shoot.

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 3 -
Wearables !!!

23 Nov

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 3 -<br />Wearables !!!

PART 3 of our Holiday Gift Guide is all about showing your Camera love on your sleeve—fun camera & photography-inspired wearables!  T-shirts, watches, bags and more!

Carry your vintage camera love with this really cool Vintage Tote ($20) by artist Christine Berry. It also comes with a fun little pouch with the same pattern.

Wear your photography love with this sweet F-Stop Watch ($35). It’s so clever we really wish we had thought of this!

Here’s another piece of fun camera jewelry that also keeps time ($29).

Keep wearing the love with Photojojo’s Polaroid and SLR strap tees ($20).

Get your very own camera man necklace ($65) made of silver and resin.

Carry your camera or most anything else in this Photo Op Case ($29.99) available over at shop ruche.

Threadless always has some cool tees and this holiday they’ve got some fun photography-inspired tees. Here are our selection from the top left 101 Cameras by Afef ($20), Photographer by Lim Heng Swee ($20), Captured Nostalgia by Chalermphol Harnchakkham ($12), Striped Bird by Sebastian Guadarrama Gomez ($10),  Night Sky Projector by Ben Chen ($12).

Here’s are some fun camera totes from the Brooklyn design duo One & The Same. The Photographer ($26) and the Filmmaker ($26) are both available in natural and black.

Here’s one way for the camera lover in your life to wear their love … on their arm literally. This cool temporary tattoo set called Memory Makers ($25) and comes in a gift box from the fun Brooklyn-based Tattly.

Know of additional wearables you’d add to your own Holiday Wish list? Let us know by commenting below. If you want to see more from the 2011 Gift Guide, check out Part 1: Cool cameras under $400, and Part 2 Photography Accessories for your DSLR, iPhone and Computer.

Allister Ann Photography

11 Nov

Allister Ann Photography

Many professional photographers have their hearts set on a career in photography from an early age, not so for the fashion and music-loving photographer Allister Ann. She was pursuing a degree in fashion when photography grabbed her and wouldn’t let go. She’s now made photography her life, always carrying camera with her to capture once in a lifetime moments for amazing artists and musicians around the world (most of whom she now calls friends). Many of those artists live in her hometown of Nashville, TN and have great things to say about her and her work:

When I see Allister’s photos, I feel I am being given a rare glimpse into the life of the subject she has in front of her camera. And, to top it off, she is a gem of a person and such a good friend.
—Bradley Spitzer, photographer

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite images from Allister Ann’s ever-growing portfolio and keep scrolling for one of our favorite interviews to date:

Our interview with the lovely and talented Allister Ann:

Where are you from and when did you start shooting?

Allister Ann: Born in Phoenix, AZ., but spent most of my life growing up in Denver, CO. School in Los Angeles for almost two years, and then moved to Nashville which has been home for the last couple of years. I started shooting in high school with my dad’s old Pentax. I think it was the curiosity of the unknown and capturing it after I left home that made a camera more of a close friend.

How did you know you wanted to be a professional photographer?

AA: I didn’t. I went to school to become a fashion designer. My photography just kind of evolved and eventually became my favorite art form.

What are some of your short term and long term goals for your photography?

AA: Short term goals are to deepen my knowledge of film + instant photography, cinema, and continually building my body of work. Long term goals are to continue to travel, and hopefully ween myself from shooting digital photography altogether.

Who is your ideal client/ who do you want want to work for that you haven’t?

AA: I feel so fortunate to be working now with Joy & JP, for they are the epitome of the perfect clients; two amazingly beautiful people, inside and out, and close friends as well.You couldn’t ask for anything more ideal then that.

There’s always a list of who I’d like work with, but it’s not just to take a photograph of them, it’s because I admire them, and would like to spend time to get to know them. Bringing my camera out is like sitting across from someone over tea. It becomes a personal interaction, and at the end, hopefully I’ve gained a new friend from it. Karen O, Patti Smith, Emily Haines and Annie Clark are a few ladies I’d love to spend time with. Followed with Johnny Depp, Prince, Jack White, Paul David Hewson and Pearl Jam.

What is it like touring the world with a band like the Civil Wars?

AA: Documenting two individuals living their dream is an incredible adventure, but what makes it so special is that we’ve become a family on a journey together.

It’s more then just a job. Every amazing experience they have, I share with them as well. You can’t help but feel so much pride and joy for them each step of the way. To capture those steps for them within a picture or a video is my goal.

I’d like to think I’m creating a family album that they can look back on years from now that will bring a smile to their face.

How was this gig different than your other jobs?

AA: So different on so many levels. I’ve been with TCWs for seven months now, mostly on a tour bus. It’s an unusual lifestyle. I can only compare it to those long family vacation road trips we went on as kids. Except instead of Disneyland being the ultimate goal, it’s a different Disneyland every night. I love what I do,and we all have so much fun doing it together.

Why did you shoot The Civil Wars tour diary exclusively in black and white?

AA: B&W to me evokes more emotion in an image; simplicity of contrast, starkness, shadows..whatever the combination..somehow tells the story more easily, where color makes it a bit more complicated. B&W to me is classic … timeless, just as their music is.

Where have you been able to travel to in the recent years and what was your favorite?

AA: These past two years I was able to experience Europe for work, and backpacking through Europe two months alone. Cinque Terre, Italy was my favorite. It was life changing in more ways than one … hope to one day go back!

Tell us about your Film Fridays Project.

AA: Film Friday was created for my personal work. I always carry a film camera with me. I love the surprise element of seeing film developed, and the magic that raw film creates. It’s an art form in itself that I want to see continue.

What are some of your favorite cameras?

AA: That’s hard! My recent love is the Mamiya 645. My heart is the Canon AE-1…and everything Polaroid.

We noticed you became a pioneer for Impossible Project, what does that mean for you?

AA: I am so honored to be working with Impossible Project. I’m a huge supporter of keeping film alive and I want to help promote that any way I can.

Do you get to use both film and digital for your clients? Which do you prefer?

AA: I always take the time to do both. Digital is always convienent for instant pleasure, but film ultimately always turns into my favorite frames.

What’s your most favorite subject to shoot now?

AA: It’s never about the subject, it’s all about the components that it takes to try and convey how I want that particular subject to come across. If I captured what I intended to, then that’s my favorite at the moment.

Do you have any advice for up and comers who think they want to make a career of photography?

AA: To me career means making money, but that isn’t what it’s about. My only advice is to always, I mean always, have a camera with you. Talent grows by consistently working at it.

If you’re truly an artist, you do it because you have to. There’s a hole or void in yourself that you crave to fill, and that’s what draws you and compels you to keep at it. If you’re lucky enough to make a living at it, that’s a bonus, but never a necessity, because you’d do it anyway … just because you love it that much.

Visit Allister Ann:

Allister Ann’s Portfolio
Allister Ann’s Blog
Allister Ann on Twitter

Be sure to contact Allister to shoot for your next lifestyle, fashion, band shoot or world tour. She’ll make great images and you’ll probably gain a new friend.

Eli McFadden Photography

12 Sep

Eli McFadden Photography

Eli McFadden is a gifted and talented fashion photographer, filmmaker and artist originally from Canada, now residing in Nashville, TN. He works tirelessly to get the models out of the studio and into nature, fusing their beauty with wonderful textures, color and light of the great outdoors. When Eli’s not shooting in Nashville, he also works a lot with the fashion, music and entertainment industries in both New York and Los Angeles. While flying during those cross country jobs, Eli has recently started an interesting new personal project called Terrain which he’s shot and edited high above the ground, exclusively on the iPhone 4 . Check some of our selections from his amazing portfolio and follow the links below to connect with him on his various sites.

Visit Eli’s Sites:

Eli’s Portfolio
Eli’s Blog
Eli on Dripbook
Eli on Behance
Eli on Facebook
Eli on Twitter
Eli’s Store

Contact him today for your next advertising or editorial campaign.

All photography copyright @2011 Eli Mcfadden

The Analogue Process of Fashion at Fashion’s Night Out

1 Sep

The Analogue Process of Fashion at Fashion’s Night Out

Lomography is stepping out this year and getting involved with the famous Fashion’s Night Out in NYC. Their installation called From Start to Finish: The Analogue Process of Fashion, will feature lomographic imagery and original fashions from New York designers Rebecca Turbow, Samantha Pleet, Hayden-Harnet and Janet Kim of Graey. The event will give attendees insight into the inspiration, perspective and process of these gifted designers.

DJ Jess will be mixing all night long, so bust out your most stylish threads and if your in NYC visit, From Start to Finish.

Fashion’s Night Out: Lomography Exhibit
September 8, 2011
7-10 pm
Lomography Gallery Store – Gramercy
106 E 23rd St between Park and Lexington Aves.

Mariana Garcia Photography

29 Aug

Mariana Garcia Photography

Mariana is a lovely and talented 25-year-old fashion photographer and graphic designer from Monterey, Mexico. She captures memorable moments with her keen eye for light and texture that complement her models wherever they find themselves from deep in the woods, to ocean hillsides and cozy apartments. Her works have been seen in Page the Magazine and lookbooks for Celestial, Maria Vogel and more. She’s also one half of the duo of the amazing Porcelaine Project (a photography & retouching agency) which she co-founded with Cecy Young in 2010.

Visit Mariana’s Sites:
Mariana’s Portfolio
Mariana on Flickr
Porcelaine Project

Be sure to contact Mariana for your next editorial or fashion adventure.


12 Jul


New York photographer Jamie Beck and visual artist Kevin Burg have teamed up to create beautiful living pictures in what they’ve coined as Cinemagraphs. “An image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly.”

The resulting .gifs are so much fun to view, from subtle hair flowing and blinking eyes in a fashion editorial, to coverage of a runway walk during NYFW, to New York City itself showing it’s iconic cabs running the streets these images are so cool.

If you’d like to have Jamie and Kevin cover your event or shoot your editorial, contact their reps at Digital Brand Architects.

To view more stunning Cinemagraphs, visit their site

Found via Jamie Beck and HOW

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