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TIME ZERO: The Last Year of Polaroid Film

6 Apr

TIME ZERO: The Last Year of Polaroid Film

TIME ZERO (debuting this month) is a documentary film that chronicles the passionate efforts of a small team of photographers who tried to keep instant photography alive. One of our favorite instant film photographers Grant Hamilton is the man behind the project and we couldn’t be happier that the movie is finally ready.


@ 12:30PM

Somerville Theatre, Screen 1
55 Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144
For tickets and info:

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Silver and Light by Ian Ruhter

4 Apr

Silver and Light by Ian Ruhter

The passionate photographer Ian Ruhter has given up his normal life in L.A. to create amazing wet plate images around the country in his converted Van/Camera/Darkroom. Silver and Light is shows some highs and lows of his ongoing journey making one-of-a-kind images, some of which can cost as much as $500 a piece just to produce . Ian and his crew are traveling the country looking for interesting people and places to shoot, so check out there facebook and maybe join in on the fun.

You can see more of Ian’s work on his tumblr:

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All Images © 2012 Ian Ruhter.

So It Goes

14 Mar

So It Goes

Its been warm or is warming up around much of the US, so let’s go surfing. This beautifully shot video by CosWeCan profiles 19-yr-old Felicity Palmateer (a billabong surfer) who’s been a determined surfer since age four and is now on the world tour.


Produced & Directed by Clare PLueckhahn & Fran Derham
Written by Fran Derham
Director of Photography Clare Plueckhahn
Edited By Karen Fleming
Colour by Crayon
Colourist Daniel Stonehouse
Producer Sophie Woods
Sound Design Nick Batterham

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Photography in 1946

29 Feb

Photography in 1946

The principles are the same, but wow how things have changed.

Via @Adam_doyle

Soaking in the Moments
with Chris Burkard

14 Feb

Soaking in the Moments <br />with Chris Burkard

Lonely Leap films tagged along with Surfer magazine Staff photographer Chris Burkard to give us all a glimpse at what inspires Chris to capture images most people can only dream of.

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Kodachrome 2010 – A Documentary

8 Feb

Kodachrome 2010 – A Documentary

Filmmaker Xander Robin commemorated the Kodachrome’s 75th and final year with this mini documentary about the film and the last shop that could develop it. For those of you who didn’t know, Kodachrome was the first commercial color film on the market beginning in 1936 and ending production in 2009. The last Kodachrome development lab, Dwayne’s Photo, in Kansas stopped processing the film in 2010 due to the shortage of chemicals available.

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Ansel Adams Documentary

27 Jan

Ansel Adams Documentary

Ansel is a legend, and I realized after watching this documentary that I didn’t really know as much about him as I thought. PBS has done a great job and made this a part of their history series called The American Experience.

Via PetaPixel PBS


16 Dec


What do you get when you combine images shot by astronomy photographer of the year, Tom Lowe on the Red Epic and Canon still cameras? You get Timescapes a documentary film capturing time-lapse photography throughout the American southwest. While the full movie still wont be out until May of 2012, it is available for pre-order now.

via Curiosity Counts

Always Carry Your Camera
(Reason 436)

17 Nov

Always Carry Your Camera<br />(Reason 436)

You never know what you’ll run into and maybe you’ll be one of the few to catch something extraordinary on film. Friends Liberty Smith and Sophie Windsor Clive had such a moment while canoeing the River Shannon and found themselves surrounded by one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenons; a murmuration of starlings.

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A Year in New York

16 Nov

A Year in New York

Here’s a cool and moving glimpse into photographer Andrew Clancy’s time in New York, mostly shot on his 7D or S95. The song is great too, ‘We Don’t Eat” by his fellow Irishman James Vincent McMorrow.

via @zarias

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