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Delta Spirit Poster by Justin Helton

15 Mar

Delta Spirit Poster by Justin Helton

This Delta Spirit Poster by Justin Helton of Status Serigraph caught our eye for obvious reasons. Thanks to a Fab sale it’s available for  $25 $20

Be sure to visit Justin’s site and store to see more of his vintage-inspired poster work.

A Photography Inspired Journal by Lisa Congdon

26 Feb

A Photography Inspired Journal by Lisa Congdon

We’re in luv with San Francisco illustrator Lisa Congdon‘s work. Especially her Photography-inspired journal that was recently released by Compendium for a cool $6.95. It’s a charming little 5″x8″ journal with 128 hand-lined pages interspersed with cool hand-drawn photography quotes from the masters and Lisa’s cool vintage camera paintings and line drawings.

Here’s a sampling of some of the interior images that are available to preview online:

We’ve gotta have it so get yours today too!


Lisa Congdon Portfolio
Lisa’s Blog
Lisa Feature on The Great Discontent
Purchase The Photography Journal on Compendium
Short film about Lisa and her work
Lisa on Twitter
Lisa on Facebook
Lisa on Etsy

All these beautiful drawings and paintings © 2013 Lisa Congdon

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Birds of Aperture

13 Sep

Birds of Aperture

Earlier today Chicago-based photographer Paul Octavious released a new series of prints called Birds of Aperture and they’re available in two sizes: 11″x14″ ($50 – Open Edition) and 16″x20″ ($200 – Limited Edition of 100). Get yours!


Paul’s Portfolio
Just a few Prints

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The Sculptures of Andrea Petrachi

10 Aug

The Sculptures of Andrea Petrachi

Italian artist Andre Petrachi (a.k.a. Himatic) makes cool sculptures from vintage camera gear and items most people would throw away like old electronics, light bulbs and toys. Andre sees his work is a symbol of our cultures out-of-control desire to buy things … yeah like sculptures made of cameras!

Photos by Giuseppe Fogarizzu

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Must-Have: The La Sardina DIY

18 Jul

Must-Have: The La Sardina DIY

If you could never find a Lomo camera that fit your style, you no longer have an excuse. Lomography’s newly released La Sardina DIY Edition camera is ready for you to paint them, tag them, sticker them, customize them with photos or even take them apart. The world is your oyster … err Sardine.

Kirsty Mitchell Photography

25 May

Kirsty Mitchell Photography

Kirsty grew up in the “Garden of England” with a love for art history, photography, fine art, film and theatre … a product of her loving and nurturing mother’s support and fantastical stories. Tragically, in 2008, a brain tumor took her mother’s life and Kirsty lost herself for a while in street photography, unable to express her feelings—capturing people who seemed to feel the way she did.

A few months later, she turned the camera inward and photography became an overwhelming passion as she tried to create the beautiful and imaginative images that her mother instilled in her dreams as a child. What she thought would only be a small project, has become an engulfing three year Wonderland journey that is finally near completion this summer. With the help of loving friends and volunteers and countless hours of work she’s created a beautiful and amazing tribute to her mother that has be seen to believed.


Kirsty’s Portfolio
Kirsty on Facebook
Kirsty on Flicker
Kirsty on Vimeo

Be sure to contact Kirsty to tell her how much you love her images and buy her art here.

All images © 2012 Kirsty Mitchell Photography

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The Camera Collection

3 May

The Camera Collection

Here’s an awesome and fun little camera animation by Antonio Vicentini , with illustrations by Billy Brown and music by Ben Hantoot.

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Cameras by the Heads of State

6 Feb

Cameras by the Heads of State

The Philadelphia-based Design duo The Heads of State have created some prints exclusively for sale on Fab and this Camera print (8×10) is available now for $14. Get yours today!

Blending In

25 Jan

Blending In

Peruvian-born, Cecilia Paredes creates these incredible self-portraits using her background as a painter to blend herself seamlessly into the environment.

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2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 4 -
For the Home or Studio!!!

25 Nov

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 4 -<br />For the Home or Studio!!!

PART 4 of our Holiday Gift Guide is a collection of cool gifts you can use or display in your home, office or studio. Pillows, Posters, Polaroids and pretty much everything else. Enjoy!

Here’s another one of those I wish we had made those products, the Shutter pillows ($48) from Inhabit, available now on (If you’re not signed up  for Fab, you need to to get a cool curation of killer designery products everyday for good prices.)

The Poladarium 2012 tear off Calendar ($34) is a really cool gift for the instant photo lover in your life. It features 366 photos in a collectors box, one for each day and 1 extra to get you into 2013. Not only are you getting tons of variety in the images, you get to learn about the photographer and a brief story about the image on the back of each one. Such a cool idea. (It’s coming from overseas, so order now!)

Accessorize your desk in style with some of these fun camera-infused products.

The Say Cheese Camera Tape Dispenser ($21.99) | Retro Camera Pencil Sharpener ($14.99) | Photo Fanatic Key Cover ($11.99) | Snapshot Pencil Case ($15.99) | Camera Pencil Sharpener ($19) | Camera Stamps ($9)

Got some fun photographs or art to display Creative Walls ($29.99) will lead and inspire you.

You have to hold your cards somehow, why not with this Camera Card Stand ($9.99).

Know someone who’d likes to send pretty pictures in the post? Grab a box of 20 different Pretty Polaroids Notes ($10).

The 35mm ($85) and 16mm ($125) are both hand-made of concrete as part of the “Future Fossil” collection by artist Bughouse and available now at Henry Road.

This 2012 Polaroid Calendar by @xo_azuree ($20) is a fun 5.5″ x 5.5″ calendar for that instant lover who has everything else.

Shiny aluminum camera of yesteryear ($49.95) Need I say more? It’s not small, with measurements of 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 3.5″ available exclusively at Zgallerie.

Got some tables you want to keep nice from drinks and spills? Just use these ceramic Polaroid coasters ($11) from justnoey on Etsy.

1. Starmite on Red – 16″x16″ on canvas ($200) | 2. Icons 101 – 8″x8″ print ($18) | 3. Hawkeye in Red – 4″x6″ framed print ($25) | 4. Smile Yellow on A3 paper ($34) | 5. What Pictures are Made of -12″x12″ on wood ($200) | 6. Photographic Memory – 8″x10″ print ($28) | 7. Stay Focused – 8″x8″ on wood ($100) | 8. Old Camera – 11″x14″ ($50 – Unframed) | 9. Hawkeye on Yellow – 12″x12″ on canvas ($150) | 10. Cameras – 7″x10″ print ($15) | 11. Glitch Part 2 – 13″x13″ print ($36) | 12. Photographer’s Dilema – 11″x14″ print ($50) | 13. 8 1/2 – 11″x17″ poster ($35) | 14. Vintage Camera Hasselblad – 8″x10″ Print ($15) | 15. 28 Camera Drawings – 11″x14″ ($50 – unframed) | 16. Starbright, Starmite – 5″x7″ framed print ($35)

Know of additional camera-infused products you’d want for your home or office? Let us know by commenting below. If you want to see more from the 2011 Gift Guide, check out Part 1: cool cameras under $400, Part 2: Cool Camera, iphone and computer accessories, Part 3: Cool Camera and photography infused Wearables like shirts, bags and more.

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