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A New Super 8mm Camera from Kodak

8 Jan

A New Super 8mm Camera from Kodak

Thanks to Tom Forbes of The Art of Photography for breaking down the new Super 8mm Camera that Kodak showed us at CES.

A Few Camera Details:
Completely new camera with some digital features like a viewfinder and wheel navigation. It will fit the old film, but also record sound, offer various speed and some lens adjustments.

What Do You Do with the Film?
Buy the film (approx $50), shoot it, and send it to Kodak for processing and digitizing. Later they’ll send you back the film roll. Pretty cool, but not cheap (but that price includes the processing).

Prices will be in the $450-700 range depending on the lenses and features you select.

Here’s a Verge interview with the Kodak president about the release:

(via Mikerusso @filmpodcast)

Legacy Shooters Patch by Tap and Dye

14 Oct

Legacy Shooters Patch by Tap and Dye

The Legacy Shooter Patch by Tap & Dye on CameraLuv

No matter if what type of film you shoot, “Make Every Shot Count” is a mantra we can get behind. Tap and Dye’s new iron on patch is built to last and you can proudly wear it on your camera bag, jacket, hat or more. These limited edition patches (only 500 made) begin shipping on 10/19, get yours!

The Legacy Shooter Patch by Tap & Dye on CameraLuv

Via Sandy Phimester on twitter: @SandyPhimester

Must-Have: Lomo’Instant Montenegro Edition

25 Aug

Must-Have: Lomo’Instant Montenegro Edition

The new genuine black leather and silver clad, Lomo’Instant camera, Montenegro Edition joins the ever growing Lomo’Instant family. The premium camera is inspired by the splendid charm of the Balkan country known for its rugged mountain ranges, medieval villages and magnificent coastline.

For a cool $179 you get the versatile instant camera and 4 experimental Lenses (Fisheye, Portrait and Close-Up) along with the Lomo’Instant Splitzer for slicing up your shots.

Get yours Online or visit a Lomography Gallery Store near you!

The Denton Camera Exchange

23 Feb

The Denton Camera Exchange

Recently, The Vision Beautiful released a short 5-minute clip, on Armand Kohandani (the owner of the Denton Camera Exchange) as part of their people of Denton (Texas) Project. The clip profiles his love for analog photography and why he started the only photography shop in Denton.

Via Lomography

I Love You, California
by Jack Coleman

26 Nov

I Love You, California <br />by Jack Coleman

This short film by Jack Coleman features surfer Derrick Disney in California during Hurricane Marie. We dig it for it’s trippy analog 16mm footage, Derrick’s rad surf skills and the great filtered and technicolor moments. Enjoy!

Also check out why Jack Coleman shoots for the love of it:

Via Vissla

Lauren M. Brown Photography

30 May

Lauren M. Brown Photography

Lauren M. Brown is a 30-year-old fashion and life-loving photographer from Los Angeles. She’s also the founder of the photo-filled online fashion publication, where she shoots many of the fashion editorials and art directs the videos. She loves music and natural light and isn’t afraid of exploring L.A. to find interesting places to shoot with her friends and models.

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite images from Lauren’s portfolio and be sure to stay for an interview with Lauren herself.

Our interview with the talented Lauren M. Brown:

Where are you from and when did you start shooting?

Lauren M. Brown: I was born in Washington, DC and at the age of 18 I moved to NYC for school. I took a basic photography class and really enjoyed it. I started to really love people as subjects, thats what I ended up focusing on for most of my first year. I stayed in NYC  for 8 years then moved to LA. I’ve been living in LA for about 4.5 years now.

How does L.A. inspire you?

LMB: One of the many things about Los Angeles that I love is its diversity. Being from the East Coast I’m used to being around several different cultures in one space. I love how the beach and the East Side of LA are almost like different worlds. It’s great for location scouting.

Do you shoot mostly digital or film?

LMB: I shoot a mix of both but until recently I’ve become obsessed with film again. When I went to school digital photography was in its infancy. It’s been such an advantage to have experience with film and the darkroom.

Any favorite shoots?

LMB: Wow. There are really so many that it’s hard to narrow down one. This past summer I was commissioned to shoot a punk band from South Central called reVolt. It was such a great experience hanging out in their practice space, meeting their families and listening to them rehearse. I was almost a part of their world while shooting them.

Any favorite cameras?

AA: I’ll always love my Mamiya RZ67. It’s like my baby. The many vintage Polaroid cameras I have would come close second.

When did you start FashionGrunge and do you find yourself shooting more or managing more?

LMB: I started FashionGrunge about 5 years ago when I lived in NYC. I manage and write still for FG, but now my shooting has picked up again. I go through phases. At this particular time I’m so inspired, so expect more work from me soon!

Anything I should know about you I haven’t asked?

LMB: Hmm…well aside from being obsessed with photography, I also have the same love and passion for music. It’s so much a part of my daily life that it’s silly. I listen to music about 85% of the day.


Lauren’s Portfolio
Lauren on Tumblr
Lauren on Twitter: @_laurenmelanie
Lauren M. Brown Photography on Facebook
Lauren on Instagram

Be sure to contact Lauren to shoot for your next lifestyle, fashion, band shoot or world tour.

©2014 Lauren M. Brown Photography

Not Afraid of the Dark:
Community Darkrooms Are Alive

19 May

Not Afraid of the Dark:<br />Community Darkrooms Are Alive

In an effort to not lose our analogue roots, film-lovers the world over are creating community darkrooms to provide an environment where photographers can convene to create stunning images. Many of the rooms feature b&w as well as color enlargers, film developing stations and film scanners. Many even sell film and paper or can do the developing, scanning or even print for you for a nominal fee. Still other community labs provide some of the most affordable services in digital and archival printing up to 20″x30″.

In the East:

1. The Camera Club of New York, New York, NY
2. Bushwick Community Darkroom,  Brooklyn, NY
3. Light Work Lab, Syracuse, NY
4. My Own Color Lab, New York, NY
5. Genesee Center Darkroom, Rochester, NY
6. Chicago Community Darkroom, Chicago, IL
7. Paul Krot Community Darkroom , Providence, RI
8. Studio Two Three Community darkroom, Richmond, VI
9. Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, Washington, DC
10. GlenEcho Photoworks, Washington, DC
11. The Asheville darkroom, Asheville, NC

In the West:

1. Tucson Community Darkroom, Arizona
2. Newspace Center for Photography, Oregon,
3. Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, Washington,
4. Tri-Community Photo, Covina, CA,
5. ContactLA, Los Angeles, CA

In Europe:

The North London Darkroom, Tottenham Hale, London
The Gate Darkroom, New Cross Gate, London
Self Color (dig lab), Paris, France
Know of any notable darkrooms we’ve missed? Please let us know at

About the Writer:

Despite having the most advanced gadgets on the market, the U.K.’s Jennifer Birch is an old soul. In fact, she still plays with her grandmother’s Polaroid Autofocus 660 Instant Land Camera, complete with the strap. Contact Jenni on Twitter and G+.

Must-Have: Fisheye 2 Brazilian Summer

16 May

Must-Have: Fisheye 2 Brazilian Summer

If you’re looking to have an fun summer and don’t have an analog camera to capture it, why not grab the new Fisheye 2 Brazilian Summer for a cool $89. The colors and graphics celebrate life, color and the pursuit of fun. Get snappin.

Must-Haves: Belair X6-12 Instant Kit

21 Jan

Must-Haves: Belair X6-12 Instant Kit

Last week, Lomography released a new instant back kit for $89 to accompany their retro cool Belair cameras. The instant back uses and cranks out Fuji Instax Wide film and gives you all kinds of creative options such as multiple exposures, long exposures, interchangeable lenses and hot-shoe flash compatibility.

Introducing The Belair X 6-12 Instant Back from Lomography on Vimeo.

There are some Belair bundles available for the Belair City Slicker for $338, the Belair Jetsetter for $388, and the Belair Trail Blazer for $438. (Note: there’s no savings at this time for buying the bundle)

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of images you can capture:

Via Lomography

2013 Gift Guide

13 Dec

2013 Gift Guide

With just under 2-weeks to go, there is still probably some shopping to be done for the camera lover or photography enthusiast in your life. Check out some fun items we tracked down and have a camera-filled Christmas.

DJI Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro Mounts $479
Mixing your love for RC stuff with cameras… oh yeah.. I want to play with one of these…
pleez Santa bring me one of these!!

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition $399
The best little wearable wi-fi camera out there that we know of. This one comes with a remote or camera can be controlled from your phone or iPad with the GoPro app … sweet.

Impossible’s Instant Lab $299

Go Analog with this fun Camera and convert your smart phone pics to real-life shakable polaroids.

Fuji Instax Mini 90 $209
Instant fun with more shooting controls and options.

La Sardina and Flash Slendour $169
Some classy and retro styled silver and black Lomo love.

Burton Zoom Pack $155
Tote your gear in style on or off the mountain.

La Sardina DIY White Edition from Lomography $109
Get out your markers, paper, paint or glue and dress up your own camera.

Superheadz Harinezumi 4 Video Camera $160
This tiny camera is shaped like a roll of 110mm film. Has many functions, 10 various color effects, zoom, multiple exposure and more.

Polaroid Z2300 $199
Your instagram camera … Print pics only when you want to … as well as saving a digital file. Keep in mind you only get 10 shots per film pack, like the old days.

La Sardina DIY Black $69
More DIY fun, this time with a black base… (sorry no on-board flash on this one)

Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus Edition for $55
A fun and colorful little fisheye.

Lens Pillows $80
Can’t put your equipment down? Now you can snuggle.

Lomography Smart Phone Film Scanner $59
From your 35mm film archives to your camera roll … after you download and fire up the free Lomo app.

Konstruktor Transparent Collector’s Edition $59
Build your own transparent display camera. Sweet!

Pelican U105 Laptop Bag $89
Hard case protection in a slim backpack. A cool pack option if you want to keep you computer close while in the field

Replichrome By Totally Rad $99
Some sweet film emulation presets for Lightroom. Cool looks for a cool benjamin.

Fisheye Baby 110 Basic for $39
The classic Lomo fisheye camera, just smaller.

Konstruktor DIY 35mm Camera Kit $35
Build your own 35mm camera and use it too. You designers may just buy this for the packaging. I don’t think I’ll be throwing mine away.

Aluminum Camera $49.95
No shelf is complete without one of these.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid Book for $15
Always fun to hear the Polaroid story.

Superheadz The Last Camera Kit $30
Cool and understated Expandable camera kit.

Impossible GoldSilverColored Frame Films from $24

Silver Antique Cameras $9
More art for your desk or book shelves.

Brass Bead Lens Necklace $9.95
A simple and fun wearable camera.

Recycled Film Canister Key Chains $4.99
Gotta carry your keys somehow.

Canon Camera Lens Mugs (White $30) (Black $24)
Freak out your friends and drink up.

Tattly Camera Tattoos $15
Cool temporary tats from swissmiss & friends.

Polaroid Camera Coin Bank $20
Keep those coins safe in this cool little bank.

Camera Cookie Cutters $18
Get crafty and serve up a camera at your next party.

The Ring Flash Adapter $40
Awesome portraits in a snap … and you get the cool halo eyes too.

Any cool camera-themed giftables we missed that we just have to include? Let us know and we’ll try to add it. Have a great Christmas!

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