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Lomo Tattoos: Kid tested and Approved

25 Apr

Lomo Tattoos: Kid tested and Approved

Lomo Tattoos featured on Cameraluv

Love cameras like we do? Why not wear a little luv on your skin with these new temporary tattoos from Lomography. The kids tested them and they approve! These 5 tattoos are bold and durable and hold up better than standard temporary tattoos we’ve tried. Gift a set to some cool little or big Cameraluving kids you know for under $8.

Lomo Tattoos featured on Cameraluv

Lomo Tattoos featured on Cameraluv

Legacy Shooters Patch by Tap and Dye

14 Oct

Legacy Shooters Patch by Tap and Dye

The Legacy Shooter Patch by Tap & Dye on CameraLuv

No matter if what type of film you shoot, “Make Every Shot Count” is a mantra we can get behind. Tap and Dye’s new iron on patch is built to last and you can proudly wear it on your camera bag, jacket, hat or more. These limited edition patches (only 500 made) begin shipping on 10/19, get yours!

The Legacy Shooter Patch by Tap & Dye on CameraLuv

Via Sandy Phimester on twitter: @SandyPhimester

Must-Have: Lomo’Instant Montenegro Edition

25 Aug

Must-Have: Lomo’Instant Montenegro Edition

The new genuine black leather and silver clad, Lomo’Instant camera, Montenegro Edition joins the ever growing Lomo’Instant family. The premium camera is inspired by the splendid charm of the Balkan country known for its rugged mountain ranges, medieval villages and magnificent coastline.

For a cool $179 you get the versatile instant camera and 4 experimental Lenses (Fisheye, Portrait and Close-Up) along with the Lomo’Instant Splitzer for slicing up your shots.

Get yours Online or visit a Lomography Gallery Store near you!

Book Block: Make Your Own Custom Notebooks

19 Aug

Book Block: Make Your Own Custom Notebooks

Almost all of us use sketchbooks or notebooks to sketch designs, shoot ideas or just to jot down thoughts, but we’ve never had our own custom notebooks … until now. Book Block, which launched today on Kickstarter might be just what you were looking for. Whether you want to produce only one or hundreds of custom notebooks for yourselves or for your clients, each A5 notebook (8.25”x6”) is printed in full-color with the art of your choice and allows for custom ribbons and elastics to make your notebook truly unique.

Book Block Examples

BookBlock teamed up with Monsieur Notebooks, who manufacture in the UK and will be using their paper stocks to complete the interiors of your custom books.

They give you the choice of:

  • Ivory Ruled – 90gsm
  • Ivory Plain – 90gsm
  • Ivory Dot Grid – 90gsm
  • Cartridge Sketch – 140gsm
  • Fountain White – 100gsm

Check out the Book Block kickstarter today and support and download a template to start the creation of your own notebooks today.

Must-Have: GoPro Hero4 Sessions

6 Jul

Must-Have: GoPro Hero4 Sessions

CameraLuv Must-have: GoPro Hero4 Sessions

GoPro has finally thought even smaller with its newest camera, the waterproof and durable Hero4 Sessions. This is by far the smallest and lightest GoPro thus far and will top the Polaroid cube in quality, offering 1080p60 video and 8MP photos among all the other things you’ve come to love about your GoPro. They’ve gone back to a easy one-button control and rest assured it will work with your GoPro app and smart remote (not included as well).

The camera will be available July 16.

Must-Have: Winter Collection

7 Nov

Must-Have: Winter Collection

Lomography warms up a few of their most popular cameras with some fun winter wear. The Diana F+ Chamonix -$109 (120film) and the La Sardina St. Moritz – $109 (35mm) released today and will be perfect for capturing the season’s memorable moments.

A Retro Camera Themed Case

9 May

A Retro Camera Themed Case

Spotted this cool Retro Camera-themed iPhone Case over at the Nylon Shop ($36). It’s available for iPhone 4/4S & 5. Looks like the artist Alii Fuerza also has one left at her etsy store for a little cheaper too.

Via Nylon

The Gizmon iCA iPhone Case

1 Feb

Wish-List:<br />The Gizmon iCA iPhone Case

There’s finally a case that makes the iPhone the camera it wants to be. The vintage-inspired iCA iPhone case ($65) available from Four Corner Store is made from polycarbonate and comes with two mock mirrored lenses attach to the front that you can use for self-portraits. One of the coolest features of this case is that it’s shutter buttons actually work your iPhone shutter. It’s available in black, brown, or white.

Via Design Milk

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 4 -
For the Home or Studio!!!

25 Nov

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 4 -<br />For the Home or Studio!!!

PART 4 of our Holiday Gift Guide is a collection of cool gifts you can use or display in your home, office or studio. Pillows, Posters, Polaroids and pretty much everything else. Enjoy!

Here’s another one of those I wish we had made those products, the Shutter pillows ($48) from Inhabit, available now on (If you’re not signed up  for Fab, you need to to get a cool curation of killer designery products everyday for good prices.)

The Poladarium 2012 tear off Calendar ($34) is a really cool gift for the instant photo lover in your life. It features 366 photos in a collectors box, one for each day and 1 extra to get you into 2013. Not only are you getting tons of variety in the images, you get to learn about the photographer and a brief story about the image on the back of each one. Such a cool idea. (It’s coming from overseas, so order now!)

Accessorize your desk in style with some of these fun camera-infused products.

The Say Cheese Camera Tape Dispenser ($21.99) | Retro Camera Pencil Sharpener ($14.99) | Photo Fanatic Key Cover ($11.99) | Snapshot Pencil Case ($15.99) | Camera Pencil Sharpener ($19) | Camera Stamps ($9)

Got some fun photographs or art to display Creative Walls ($29.99) will lead and inspire you.

You have to hold your cards somehow, why not with this Camera Card Stand ($9.99).

Know someone who’d likes to send pretty pictures in the post? Grab a box of 20 different Pretty Polaroids Notes ($10).

The 35mm ($85) and 16mm ($125) are both hand-made of concrete as part of the “Future Fossil” collection by artist Bughouse and available now at Henry Road.

This 2012 Polaroid Calendar by @xo_azuree ($20) is a fun 5.5″ x 5.5″ calendar for that instant lover who has everything else.

Shiny aluminum camera of yesteryear ($49.95) Need I say more? It’s not small, with measurements of 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 3.5″ available exclusively at Zgallerie.

Got some tables you want to keep nice from drinks and spills? Just use these ceramic Polaroid coasters ($11) from justnoey on Etsy.

1. Starmite on Red – 16″x16″ on canvas ($200) | 2. Icons 101 – 8″x8″ print ($18) | 3. Hawkeye in Red – 4″x6″ framed print ($25) | 4. Smile Yellow on A3 paper ($34) | 5. What Pictures are Made of -12″x12″ on wood ($200) | 6. Photographic Memory – 8″x10″ print ($28) | 7. Stay Focused – 8″x8″ on wood ($100) | 8. Old Camera – 11″x14″ ($50 – Unframed) | 9. Hawkeye on Yellow – 12″x12″ on canvas ($150) | 10. Cameras – 7″x10″ print ($15) | 11. Glitch Part 2 – 13″x13″ print ($36) | 12. Photographer’s Dilema – 11″x14″ print ($50) | 13. 8 1/2 – 11″x17″ poster ($35) | 14. Vintage Camera Hasselblad – 8″x10″ Print ($15) | 15. 28 Camera Drawings – 11″x14″ ($50 – unframed) | 16. Starbright, Starmite – 5″x7″ framed print ($35)

Know of additional camera-infused products you’d want for your home or office? Let us know by commenting below. If you want to see more from the 2011 Gift Guide, check out Part 1: cool cameras under $400, Part 2: Cool Camera, iphone and computer accessories, Part 3: Cool Camera and photography infused Wearables like shirts, bags and more.

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 2

22 Nov

2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 2<br />Accessories!!!

PART 2 of our Holiday Gift guide is all about accessories—the gear and add-ons that can make shooting with your cameras even more fun. Everything from Lo-fi DSLR lenses, crazy cases to take your iPhonography to the next level, cool camera straps to ditch those uncomfortable stock camera straps and more.

If you’re into tilt-shift photography, Lensbaby has some really cool accessories. This Ultimate Portrait Kit has it all, but it’s not cheap at $590. This kit comes with two lenses and a variety of optics. Lensbaby also offers a variety of other tilt lens options from $199 and up.

This Holga Traveler Bag – ( $20) nods to the military cases of old and can hold 8 rolls of 120 film, several Holgas, your notebooks and much more. It’s available with or without a strap.

You can finally ditch those ugly and uncomfortable stock camera straps and get something more personal to carry your camera around. Capturing Couture has something for just about everybody and they’re pretty comfortable too. Straps for Guys range from $39-$45 and Straps for Girls range from $39-$49. Some quick links to our favorites from above are the checkered  Reaper (mens)  and the leather Twilight Eclipse and Penelope Pear (womens).

Ever wanted that lo-fi look of the Holgas or Lomography Diana clones, but just can’t bear to wait for film to develop? You don’t have to wait with these fun lenses and adapters for your Nikon and Canon cameras. The Dreamy Diana lens w/adapter is just $60 and the Holga Lens for DSLRs is even less at a cool $25.

We’re so stoked for this new PX – Gold Edition film ($23.99) from the Impossible Project. The golden frames are a great companion to their warm exposures and works in both the 600 series and SX-70 Polaroid cameras.

This iPhone 8x Telephoto Lens ($35) may look a little funny, but you’ll probably get addicted to carrying it around to concerts and sporting events. Here’s how it works: you put the matte black case on your iPhone 4/4s and screw on the lens. It’s that simple. This is a great deal for a case, lens and tripod.

Take your iPhonography to the next level by keeping things locked in cleanly with the The Glif: Minimalist iPhone Stand & Tripod Mount ($20). This minimal stand is a great way to hold your phone vertically or horizontally to get blur-free night shots & shake-less video.

We know you’ve got apps to do this kind of thing, but why not play with this colorful 10-holed Holga iPhone Filter Case – ($30) from the Four Corner Store. The case is available in black, red, white, grey, and blue.

These upcycled usb film canisters ($20) now can boast 1000s of pictures instead of the standard 36 thanks to the 4GB inside. What’s fun about this is that you never know what you’re gonna get … will it be Kodak … Fuji … we’ll just have to wait and see.

This Camera Dial Decal ($18) is sure to show the world or at least the people at Starbucks a bit of your camera-loving tendencies.

Here’s a fun Camera-themed USB drive ($20) that’d be a fun gift or a cool way to send your work to clients old and new, just put a bow on it.

Know of additional accessories you’d add to your own Holiday Wish list? Let us know by commenting below. If you want to see more from the 2011 Gift Guide, check out some cool cameras under $400 in Part 1.

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