Behind Photographs – Archiving Photographic Legends

20 Jan

Feeling a void out there with photographers not getting the credit they deserve for their images, photographer Tim Mantoani set out on his own personal 5-year long project now titled Behind Photographs. He has now photographed over 150 of the most iconic living photographers with the images that made them famous. One unique aspect of the project is that Tim used the mammoth 20″ x 24″ Polaroid Camera to capture the images and allowed the photographers to write a short story about their iconic shots at the bottom of the huge prints.

The final result is a beautiful 220 page, 11″x14″ book, Behind Photographs in 3 versions—Standard, slip-case and special edition (150 cloth bound book blind embossing and case.) If you buy 3 of the standard books ($60) from his site he’ll even upgrade one of them to the slipcase edition ($99).

Via @SamSpratt @Joeyldotcom Wired

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