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29 Jul

Three years ago, Andy picked up his first DSLR to document a trip to Maine, where he grew up. It sparked something in him and while he lived in Atlanta for a few years, his job afforded him the chance to travel a lot, which inspired him to shoot more, capturing the world around him that most overlook.

Andy now calls Los Angeles home, shooting portrait, fashion and music work. He loves music and wishes he had the talent to make it, but instead, now documents the fascinating and inspiring people who do. Although he still is new to the craft you can find him shooting everyday for his clients or his personal project Without Magic, in which he burns tons of film on his old Canon AE-1 and 35mm Olympus Stylus Epic in and around Hollywood and other travels. He views his friends and fellow photographers as a community of inspiration rather than competition which in turns pushes everyone to make better and more unique art.

Below is a sampling of some of our favorite images from Andy’s growing portfolio. Contact him today for your next portrait, fashion shoot or cross-country traveling adventure. He’d also like to break into more editorial work, so if you’re a AD or CD out there give Andy a shout.

Andy J. Scott

Visit Andy’s Sites:
Andy J.
Andy’s Blog
Andy’s Tumbler: Without Magic
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