We’re crazy about cameras and photography. Whether you’re a shooter, collector or just love to model in front of the lens, Cameraluv has something for you. From camera-inspired prints and hand-painted art, to products and inspirations on all things camera and photography.

My love for photography grew out of a passion for art and drawing from an early age. During my teens, the desire to capture the memories of surfing, skateboarding and wakeboarding with friends led to me to develop my own photos, make posters, film movies and eventually minor in photography at Ringling College of Art & Design.

During a break from college, my vintage collection started in a flash with the discovery of my dad’s childhood camera, a greenish Sabre 620 (circa 1959) in the basement of my grandmother’s house. Later that day I found my uncle’s old Imperial Mark XII (1961-65) in the basement closet, and in an upstairs drawer, the 1948 Kodak 35. I was hooked on the interesting cameras and knew there had to be more in the house.

By the end of the visit, I had gathered eight cameras including the Sabre, Imperial, Brownie Hawkeye, three Kodak Instamatics and my great grandmother’s Wirgin camera from around 1920. The modest starter collection of eight has since grown into the hundreds and has become a full-blown obsession of all things camera.

Why the Obsession?

My obsession for cameras began when I discovered the old Sabre, Kodak 35 and started the collection. I realized that cameras are some of the most beautifully designed objects around us and they serve to capture and immortalize the memories we love most.

How could that not develop into something interesting?

Join us in our obsession by collecting your favorite cameras, or support Cameraluv by purchasing a painting or print.

Jeremy Kennedy

Founder, Collector, Camera Enthusiast, and Designer