2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 4 -
For the Home or Studio!!!

25 Nov

PART 4 of our Holiday Gift Guide is a collection of cool gifts you can use or display in your home, office or studio. Pillows, Posters, Polaroids and pretty much everything else. Enjoy!

Here’s another one of those I wish we had made those products, the Shutter pillows ($48) from Inhabit, available now on Fab.com. (If you’re not signed up  for Fab, you need to to get a cool curation of killer designery products everyday for good prices.)

The Poladarium 2012 tear off Calendar ($34) is a really cool gift for the instant photo lover in your life. It features 366 photos in a collectors box, one for each day and 1 extra to get you into 2013. Not only are you getting tons of variety in the images, you get to learn about the photographer and a brief story about the image on the back of each one. Such a cool idea. (It’s coming from overseas, so order now!)

Accessorize your desk in style with some of these fun camera-infused products.

The Say Cheese Camera Tape Dispenser ($21.99) | Retro Camera Pencil Sharpener ($14.99) | Photo Fanatic Key Cover ($11.99) | Snapshot Pencil Case ($15.99) | Camera Pencil Sharpener ($19) | Camera Stamps ($9)

Got some fun photographs or art to display Creative Walls ($29.99) will lead and inspire you.

You have to hold your cards somehow, why not with this Camera Card Stand ($9.99).

Know someone who’d likes to send pretty pictures in the post? Grab a box of 20 different Pretty Polaroids Notes ($10).

The 35mm ($85) and 16mm ($125) are both hand-made of concrete as part of the “Future Fossil” collection by artist Bughouse and available now at Henry Road.

This 2012 Polaroid Calendar by @xo_azuree ($20) is a fun 5.5″ x 5.5″ calendar for that instant lover who has everything else.

Shiny aluminum camera of yesteryear ($49.95) Need I say more? It’s not small, with measurements of 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 3.5″ available exclusively at Zgallerie.

Got some tables you want to keep nice from drinks and spills? Just use these ceramic Polaroid coasters ($11) from justnoey on Etsy.

1. Starmite on Red – 16″x16″ on canvas ($200) | 2. Icons 101 – 8″x8″ print ($18) | 3. Hawkeye in Red – 4″x6″ framed print ($25) | 4. Smile Yellow on A3 paper ($34) | 5. What Pictures are Made of -12″x12″ on wood ($200) | 6. Photographic Memory – 8″x10″ print ($28) | 7. Stay Focused – 8″x8″ on wood ($100) | 8. Old Camera – 11″x14″ ($50 – Unframed) | 9. Hawkeye on Yellow – 12″x12″ on canvas ($150) | 10. Cameras – 7″x10″ print ($15) | 11. Glitch Part 2 – 13″x13″ print ($36) | 12. Photographer’s Dilema – 11″x14″ print ($50) | 13. 8 1/2 – 11″x17″ poster ($35) | 14. Vintage Camera Hasselblad – 8″x10″ Print ($15) | 15. 28 Camera Drawings – 11″x14″ ($50 – unframed) | 16. Starbright, Starmite – 5″x7″ framed print ($35)

Know of additional camera-infused products you’d want for your home or office? Let us know by commenting below. If you want to see more from the 2011 Gift Guide, check out Part 1: cool cameras under $400, Part 2: Cool Camera, iphone and computer accessories, Part 3: Cool Camera and photography infused Wearables like shirts, bags and more.

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For the Home or Studio!!!”

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