2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1
Cameras !!!

21 Nov

This year we’re excited to find and show off a wide array of fun products for camera lovers of all kinds in our five part 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

PART 1 is all about cameras and specifically, fun ones under $400. Whether it’s a gift for yourself, a family member or your significant other, we hope you find something you could all enjoy. Our cheapest stocking stuffer cameras came in at just $9 and the recently released 8GB version of the light field camera by Lytro topped our list at $399. Happy Shooting!

DIY Twin Lens Camera Kit – $20

Build your own twin-lens camera on the cheap!

“Golden Half” Half-frame camera – $50

Get twice the pictures with this fun half-frame camera.

Holga 135 Camera - $40

For those that want a Holga, but don’t want to mess with the 120 film. This Holga’s ready for action with all types of 35mm film.

DIY 35mm Camera Kit – $12

This camera takes you back to your model building days. Build your own 35mm camera in no time.

Micro 110 Holga in Colors – $9

This Micro 110 camera is available in several colors including black, green, grey and purple. It’d make a great little stocking stuffer for the Holga loving film buff  in your life.

La Sardina Mobius – $69 & La Sardina – Domino – $69

These new patterned cameras from Lomography’s La Sardina Series would be a sure hit for the design-minded in your life.

Lomo Kinoscope Package – $99

One of the newest offerings from Lomo, the LomoKino,  lets you hand crank your own video using all of your favorite 35mm film types. You can even watch your mini movies on the included viewer scope.

Sprocket Rocket Green – $89, Sprocket Rocket Yellow - $89,  Sprocket Rocket Blue - $89, Sprocket Rocket Orange – $89

For those who love full-framed shots where the areas around the sprockets are even exposed, the Sprocket Rocket is for you. It’s super fun to use and comes in some crazy colors. It’s also available in white and black for you boring types.

Fuji Instax Mini 50s Piano Black (with film) – $149

Here’s a streamlined & slick camera for the Instant-film lover in your life. It shoots the same 2.4″x8″ film as the other Instax Mini 7s  and Mini 25s.

Zumi Triple Plus – $175
Create cool lofi stills and fun 8mm Style video. This updated camera has 10 color modes and the option to shoot with or without sound.

La Sardina – Quadrat – $109 & La Sardina – Cubic – $109

These flash-equipped cameras from the new La Sardina line are all about patterns.

Diana F+ Gold Edition – $109, Diana Mini Gold Edition -$129, Fisheye No. 2 Gold Edition – $99

For the bling lover in your life. These new Diana clones are ready to party.

Lytro Light Field Camera 8GB -Graphite/Electric Blue – $399

The Lytro light field camera was one of the most anticipated releases of 2011. It gives you the ability to focus after you shoot. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

This new and improved GoPro Hero 2 is probably the best HD camera out there for the dare-devil types. Strap it to your surfboard for a surf session or attach it to your helmet for your next base jump. You’ll be able to show your skill … or stupidity in Full-HD glory.

GoPro Hero 2 – 1080p HD Camera – Surf Edition -$299
Includes waterproof case, surfboard mounts, FCS plug mounts and a float.

GoPro Hero 2 – 1080p HD Camera – Outdoor Edtion – $299
Includes waterproof case helmet strap, head strap, adhesive mounts and 3-way pivot arm.

Lomography’s Diana Deluxe Kit – $249
This complete set of Diana goodies, from lenses to flashes and frames is for those who want it all.

Let us know what additional cameras you’d add to your own Holiday Wishlist by commenting below:

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