I Love You, California
by Jack Coleman

26 Nov

I Love You, California <br />by Jack Coleman

This short film by Jack Coleman features surfer Derrick Disney in California during Hurricane Marie. We dig it for it’s trippy analog 16mm footage, Derrick’s rad surf skills and the great filtered and technicolor moments. Enjoy!

Also check out why Jack Coleman shoots for the love of it:

Via Vissla

Kenny Hurtado Photography

13 Nov

Kenny Hurtado Photography

We were just introduced to the work Los Angeles-based Kenny Hurtado thanks to his Skying features for the surfbrand Vissla. Most of you are familiar with surf photography, but Kenny’s images are just different and we like that. “Skying” is a unique perspective on surf photography where the subject and sky are the main focus … the float, the speed of nearly flying through the air, the vastness of the ocean … they all make us want to paddle out.

Enjoy a sampling of Kenny’s images and be sure to visit his site and instagram links below to see more.


Kenny’s Portfolio
Kenny on Vissla
Kenny on Instagram

Contact Kenny for your next surfing adventure.

All images ©2014 Kenny Hurtado | Via the fine folks at Vissla

Josh Letchworth for Mastercraft

24 Oct

Josh Letchworth for Mastercraft

We are big fans of Josh Letchworth and this week he released new work for the premier boat manufacturer Mastercraft. Josh and an assortment of pro surfers like Donavon Frankenreiter and legend Tom Curren traveled around Mexico and Hawaii blurring the lines between traditional surfing and the wake surfing the boat is capable of. Enjoy a sampling of the images and be sure to visit his links below for more mind blowing work for his other clients.


Josh’s Portfolio
Josh’s Blog
Josh on Twitter

Contact Josh for your next lifestyle or action sports shoot.

Kaylin Amabile Photography

15 Oct

Kaylin Amabile Photography

25-year-old photographer Kaylin Amabile of Tampa, FL grew up with a mother who captured every moment and cataloged them in countless albums. This innate passion for moments eventually became a driving force in her own creative work to make beautiful sunlit and dreamy portraits. While she mainly creates images using her Nikon D300, she always has her trusty polaroid camera on hand as well.

“Photography for me is the sunlight coming through the window in the morning, the words at 3am I can never seem to express and the best way I can make sense of my surrounding world.”

Each image tells a story and Kaylin definitely has a connection to her subjects whether it’s a styled shoot, a wedding or something spontaneous.

“Every person has something new to offer, each with different unguarded moments to observe. I want to work with interesting faces with interesting stories to tell … open minded people willing to let the creative process run its course (a lot of times that includes rolling in the dirt or, if you’ve worked with me before you know, having random things stuck to your face, eyebrows or in your hair).”

Kaylin has only been focusing on her fashion/conceptual images for the last year and it seems there’s no stopping her. She’s available for commissions, fine art/gallery work and would love to collaborate with some musicians. If you want to own some of her images now, she has a store open with a variety of prints and wears as well.

Look below for a sampling of our favorite images from Kaylin’s portfolio and be sure to stick around for links to more of her work on Tumblr and more:


Kaylin’s Portfolio
Kaylin on Twitter: @kamakebelieve
Kaylin on Instagram: @kamakebelieve
Kaylin on Tumblr
Kaylin on Facebook

Be sure to contact Kaylin for your next ethereal adventure.

©2014 Kaylin Amabile Photography

Must-Have: The Instax Wide 300

11 Sep

Must-Have: The Instax Wide 300

Just released yesterday is Fuji’s new Instax Wide 300, a new instant camera that uses their already available wide film (86mm x 108mm). The Instax Wide 300 available in Spring 2015 for $129 features an optical viewfinder, built-in electronic flash, a 95mm lens with two focus zones (0.9m to 3m & 3m to infinity), a tripod socket and a close-up adapter for macroish shots as close as 15.5-inches away from your subject.

This camera may look a little familiar to some as is kind of a mixture of a few older Fuji cameras like the 500AF (not originally available in US) and the 210 models.

Our friend Cheyenne Morrison of Big Shot Polaroids breaks down the comparisons here.

Also new from Fuji:

Fuji also released a pretty new brown/silver colorway of the Mini 90 camera (featured in December) that’s sure to look good in everyone’s hands.

The Wild and Weird World
of Handy Andy Pandy

28 Aug

The Wild and Weird World<br />of Handy Andy Pandy

Andy hails from Melbourne, Austrailia and uses is wacky sense of humor and Photoshop skills to make interesting, weird and sometimes arresting photos every day. Today Andy’s on 352 of his own 365 journey to create something new and different each day, he’s usually the subject, but sometimes he enlists friends in the action. While he’s not a photographer full-time, he’s addicted to making images and isn’t scared to wreck his apartment, show his emotions, or get messy or sticky to create his wild and weird images. Enjoy a selection of Andy’s images and be sure to check out his site and flickr for more. Say hello and encourage him to make it another 13 days to finish his 365 strong!


Andy’s Portfolio
Andy on Flickr
Andy on Facebook
Andy on Twitter: @handyandypandy
Andy on Fstop Lounge

©2014 Handy Andy Pandy

Jade Berry Photography

11 Aug

Jade Berry Photography

20-year-old photographer Jade Berry hails from beautiful Newquay, Cornwall in south-west England. When the suns shines she spends her days looking for adventure with friends, on the beach and at the local lakes fishing and ends her days with dinners out and long walks along the shore. She loves the sea and recently spent a month in Barbados surfing nearly everyday. Jade’s a film lover and uses her trusty Vivitar and Olympus cameras to capture her naturally lit adventures. While she’s played with a camera since age 13, she has recently realized that this is really the medium she wants to use to create her ideas and visions.

” I think life is beautiful, so i want to show others how fun life can be. Teenagers are so quick to be judged, so I try to capture freedom, life, exploration, relationships, emotions and personalities within my images, almost like trapping feelings inside each picture.”

Look below for a sampling of our favorite images from Jade’s travels and summer time fun and be sure to view her other galleries and sites below.


Jade’s Portfolio
Jade on Tumblr
Jade on Flickr
Jade on Instagram
Jade on Twitter: @jadeberryy

Be sure to contact Jade for your next adventure.

©2014 Jade Berry Photography

The Writing Is on The Wall and the Chair and the Jacket

15 Jul

The Writing Is on The Wall and the Chair and the Jacket

OK Go does it again with with another cool music video for their new song “The Writing’s On the Wall”. The planning it took to pull off these camera tricks is kind of mind-boggling. Enjoy!

Here’s how they did it:

Via Booooooom

Owen Perry Photography

1 Jul

Owen Perry Photography

Owen Perry is a mind-blowing landscape and travel photographer from Whistler, BC who unlike most, wakes up early to get the shots in places you can only dream of.  His images show off our beautiful world from above and below and what’s crazy is he’s only been at this since 2011.

We’re so happy to introduce you Owen’s imagery from Canada, Chile, Europe and beyond, and with a little help from the internet, he may be able to take the interactive web designer off his bio and shoot photography full time … just imagine.


Owen’s Portfolio
Owen’s Blog
Owen on Facebook
Owen on Instagram

Be sure to contact Owen for your next adventure.

©2014 CIRCA 1983 and Owen Perry

Lauren M. Brown Photography

30 May

Lauren M. Brown Photography

Lauren M. Brown is a 30-year-old fashion and life-loving photographer from Los Angeles. She’s also the founder of the photo-filled online fashion publication, fashiongrunge.com where she shoots many of the fashion editorials and art directs the videos. She loves music and natural light and isn’t afraid of exploring L.A. to find interesting places to shoot with her friends and models.

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite images from Lauren’s portfolio and be sure to stay for an interview with Lauren herself.

Our interview with the talented Lauren M. Brown:

Where are you from and when did you start shooting?

Lauren M. Brown: I was born in Washington, DC and at the age of 18 I moved to NYC for school. I took a basic photography class and really enjoyed it. I started to really love people as subjects, thats what I ended up focusing on for most of my first year. I stayed in NYC  for 8 years then moved to LA. I’ve been living in LA for about 4.5 years now.

How does L.A. inspire you?

LMB: One of the many things about Los Angeles that I love is its diversity. Being from the East Coast I’m used to being around several different cultures in one space. I love how the beach and the East Side of LA are almost like different worlds. It’s great for location scouting.

Do you shoot mostly digital or film?

LMB: I shoot a mix of both but until recently I’ve become obsessed with film again. When I went to school digital photography was in its infancy. It’s been such an advantage to have experience with film and the darkroom.

Any favorite shoots?

LMB: Wow. There are really so many that it’s hard to narrow down one. This past summer I was commissioned to shoot a punk band from South Central called reVolt. It was such a great experience hanging out in their practice space, meeting their families and listening to them rehearse. I was almost a part of their world while shooting them.

Any favorite cameras?

AA: I’ll always love my Mamiya RZ67. It’s like my baby. The many vintage Polaroid cameras I have would come close second.

When did you start FashionGrunge and do you find yourself shooting more or managing more?

LMB: I started FashionGrunge about 5 years ago when I lived in NYC. I manage and write still for FG, but now my shooting has picked up again. I go through phases. At this particular time I’m so inspired, so expect more work from me soon!

Anything I should know about you I haven’t asked?

LMB: Hmm…well aside from being obsessed with photography, I also have the same love and passion for music. It’s so much a part of my daily life that it’s silly. I listen to music about 85% of the day.


Lauren’s Portfolio
Lauren on Tumblr
Lauren on Twitter: @_laurenmelanie
Lauren M. Brown Photography on Facebook
Lauren on Instagram

Be sure to contact Lauren to shoot for your next lifestyle, fashion, band shoot or world tour.

©2014 Lauren M. Brown Photography

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